It looks like lockdown has turned us all into TikTokers, but while some of us have been partaking in a series of dance challenges, creatives from around the world have been using the platform as a money-making tool.

To help brands and individuals to better market themselves, the short-form mobile video platform has introduced TikTok For Business that provides everything you need to be discovered and build your community.

A source of engagement among Gen-Zers and some millennials, TikTok has become the go-to social media app for brands, celebrities and businesses across the globe.

“For brands, this opens an entirely new window of opportunity to create content that speaks to people,” explains Shant Oknayan, General Manager of Global Business Solutions across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT).



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Week 10 in lockdown and things are getting confusing… 😬 TikTok video, Song: Wipe It Down – BMW Kenny

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“With the TikTok For Business platform, we are giving advertisers the opportunity to flip traditional marketing on its head, and place their brand at the forefront of innovative storytelling and creative content to connect with today’s generation. With TikTok for Business, we are encouraging brands: don’t make ads, make TikToks!”

Businesses and brands have endless options at their disposal including music, voice-overs and effects. Most recently it introduced AR branded effect called Branded Scan that allows users to have an augmented reality experience with any brand.

And if your content goes viral, users can use the “join” function where they recreate your video exposing your profile to even more viewers. Sharing is caring.

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