The UAE is a nation steeped in history. Many of us who’ve been here for a few years will have a brief understanding of the country’s backstory, and those of us who were raised here may possess a deeper knowledge.

But how far does your knowledge of the country stretch? Could you name the national animal? Can you identify each emirate from a photo alone?

Here’s a quick quiz to test your knowledge of the UAE.

To see whether you were correct, highlight the space next to where it says ANSWER.

When was the UAE flag designed?

ANSWER: 1971

uae quiz

When was the UAE’s emblem adopted?

ANSWER: 1973

uae quiz

Can you name this traditional coffee pot?

ANSWER: Dallah

uae quiz

What’s the name of this traditional boat?


uae quiz

When is the UAE’s National Day?

ANSWER: December 2

uae quiz

Do you know where this location is?

ANSWER: Safa Park

Safa Park

Which Emirate is this?

ANSWER: Ras Al Khaimah

uae quiz

Who was the founding father of the UAE?

ANSWER: President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

uae quiz

Image: Alchetron

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Which Emirate is this building (Aldar headquarters) in?

ANSWER: Abu Dhabi

uae quiz

What are the two national animals of the UAE?

ANSWER: Arabian oryx, peregrine falcon

uae quiz

How long is Sheikh Zayed Road?

ANSWER: 558.4km

sheikh zayed

Which of these buildings cost more to construct?

ANSWER: Burj Khalifa cost US$1.5 billion, Burj Al Arab cost approx US$1 billion


What’s the name of the oldest mosque in the UAE?

ANSWER: Al Badiyah Mosque in Fujairah

oldest mosque

What’s the name of the biggest mosque in the UAE?

ANSWER: Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

mosque abu dhabi

What’s the oldest existing building in Dubai?

ANSWER: Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787

Al Fahidi Dubai History Tour

This colourful floral display is from which park?

ANSWER: The Holy Quran Park, Dubai

Holy Quran Park

So how did you do? Share your scores and comments below.

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