children eating vegetables

Highly-respected parenting coach Andalene Salvesen, aka the Super Granny, spills the beans on getting your child to eat their greens…

Q.) How do I get my children to be more adventurous with food?

A.) There is a saying: “you acquire a taste.” This happens by tasting certain foods regularly on an intermittent basis. This applies to children as well. They need to be encouraged to eat “worsties firsties” – this means eating the least favourite things on your plate first, then the one you like. Only one bite is a minimum requirement before you eat anything else. This way they learn to like it.


Q.) Because my children get very little junk food at home, when they go to parties they tuck into as many crisps and cakes as possible their little mouth can take. How can I stop this?

A.) Always feed your child a healthy meal before a party – one rich in good fats, vegetables and protein. Then at the party limit them to choose the amount of sweets you decide on. For instance you can say: “You can choose five (or 10) things to put on your plate”. If they are eating healthily at home then the occasional party will be a treat and their bodies will be able to cope – and so will you.


Andalene has now taken on the role as Big On Children’s Super Granny, visiting the UAE regularly to give talks and pay home visits.