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How to maintain the perfect summer brows for your getaway

Michele Barclay, founder of BROWZ on achieving effortless brows for your summer escape.

What inspired you to launch BROWZ?

My daughter, Yasmin, was the fundamental inspiration behind the creation of BROWZ. As my freelance work grew rapidly, I needed a stable base to expand from. Our goal was always to give back and create amazing facilities where women could experience top level beauty treatments conducted by highly qualified and in-demand artists. We focus on ethical beauty, providing credible and sustainable treatments, and we work with likeminded business partners who share our vision.


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What is brow lamination and what are the before and after-practices to follow?

The brow lamination technique provides your brows with a set, uniform, fuller, and thicker appearance, completed with tint and shaping. The result gives a fluffy and brushed up look that can be styled to your liking. It is crucial to keep the treated area dry for the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, as moisture can interfere with the lamination process.

How can you maintain them to last longer especially during tropical vacations?

It is important to invest in a brow conditioning serum to keep eyebrows from becoming dry, nourish the hairs, and avoid breakage. We highly recommend the M2 Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex, which works threefold: it supports hair growth, provides care, and offers styling simultaneously. Also, sealing with a brow gel is essential to prevent moisture from penetrating the brow, especially in tropical and warm climates, as this can interfere with the longevity of the brow lamination while maintaining a fluffy, natural look.

How long does the appearance of microblading last for?

Natural hair strokes last for up to one year. This is the original BROWZ signature treatment that has revolutionised the beauty industry. Using a super fine tool, we create a fuller brow with natural-looking hair strokes. This minimally invasive treatment requires minimal recovery time. We use the best products and adhere to the highest safety standards, mimicking natural hair to achieve an authentic look.

What other treatments does BROWZ offer which complement the appearance of eyebrows?

Throughout BROWZ’s growth, our vision has always been to introduce treatments that complement our services for eyebrows. Our development team aims to bring natural and aesthetic procedures, providing clients with access to a full range of services – from a simple lash lift to injectables like Botox, and advanced laser techniques such as Vector Eye for a cat-eye effect.

What are some of the services offered at BROWZ?

BROWZ has recently introduced the latest in cutting-edge technology to expand our range of aesthetic services, some of which are exclusive to us. Sofwave is the latest in non-invasive
skin tightening with one of the only FDA-approved treatments clinically proven to show a long-lasting visible lift. This treatment uses cutting-edge ultrasound technology for smoother, firmer skin without downtime. Quantum Lift is an exclusive to BROWZ, Rexonage is the latest energy-based device designed to regenerate cellular turnover while sculpting and contouring the face using quantum molecular resonance. This pain-free treatment requires no downtime and delivers results for all skin types. Target Cool, also known as ice needling, this advanced medical-grade, pain-free delivery system combines mesotherapy and cryo technology to guarantee a glass-like flawless skin finish.

Ultraclear is available exclusively at BROWZ – this state-of-the-art cool ablative laser is perfect for treating open pores, texture, or scarring. Utilising advanced cool ablation, Ultraclear accelerates
healing and is safe for all skin types, making it the best option for treating blemishes, acne scars, and uneven skin tone.


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Tell us more about the key minimalist beauty trends this summer.

It has always been our ethos to be a trendsetter and innovator, rather than following fads or jumping on the next beauty craze. As a pioneer of semi-permanent makeup in the region, we champion natural and minimalistic beauty with our SPMU services. Our Lip Blush treatment, which is our most popular service after brows, is perfect for achieving effortless glam from morning to night, making it an ideal choice for holidays and summer.

Brows have become the centre of beauty trends, what are your thoughts?

We believe great brows are the best fashion feature and add character to the face. When defined well, they look elegant; when done poorly, they can detract from your appearance. Fabulous brows are truly the finishing touch.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this summer?

This summer is the first time in my career that I’ll be taking an extended break, spending it travelling in the Indian Ocean. I’ll begin with a retreat, taking time for inner reflection and personal growth before my family joins me for our annual get-together vacation. Living in Dubai, we are truly blessed to have such easy access to exotic locations.

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