Why wear one?

Stacking jewellery has become the ultimate form of self expression. Whether it’s mixing bangles or making a statement with rings, there are numerous ways to bring out your personality.

Atasay Jewelry has been celebrating the beauty of every woman since 1937. It’s rich reputation continues to expand, especially in the Middle East, with many falling for it’s contemporary design mixed with Turkish symbols. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, they have partnered with Zirconia from Swarovski, which produces quality diamond standard, to create pieces that look just as mesmerising as real diamonds. Each customer that come to Atasay can be sure of quality and fine craftsmanship at accessible price points. Not only that, but they also keep up with all the latest jewellery trends and are always evolving their classic pieces.

In the video below, we go through some of their key lines and showcase some of the best and fun ways to stack their pieces. Just remember:

  1. Decide on a metal and then experiment with textures and shapes
  2. Play with thickness, for example you can wear one big ring and stack dainty ones around it
  3. Add one pop of colour to an otherwise minimal selection
  4. With necklaces, don’t obsess about keeping it even and let them fall where they like
  5. For bracelets, the more the merrier
  6. Curated ear is a new yet very popular concept. We suggest going smaller in diameter as you go up the ear

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Images: Instagram, videography Mustufa Abidi, editing Jitendra Jangir