Selena Gomez’s new look took nine hours and eight bowls of bleach. Is it possible for the rest of us?

We’ve heard before that your most flattering hair colour is likely to be within two shades of your natural tone, but judging by the number of blondes around here, it’s not popular advice in the UAE.

Who could blame you, though? Olive Arab skin tones tend to suit just about every hair colour, blondes have more fun, and experimenting with your look is always a good time.

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Just ask Selena Gomez. The 25-year-old singer (who has Hispanic heritage) debuted a new blonde look at the American Music Awards earlier in the week, and while it’s miles away from her usual dark brown, she looks incredible.


On Instagram, her hairdresser Riawna Capri said the process took nine hours, eight bowls of bleach, and two stylists. It wasn’t exactly and in-and-out appointment.

Her full post, for your reference:

Emirates Woman spoke to Julie Signore, senior stylist at Pastels Jumeirah, who said with a laugh that that sounded about right.

“In the UAE, most ladies do like to change their hair often and blonde is always very popular,” she says. “Ash, platinum and rose gold – they like to experiment.”

Signore is always keen to help her clients achieve their dream hair, but she says realistic expectations and a thorough consultation are key.

“The best is when they come in with some pictures, that really is the key,” she says, explaining that that will both avoid miscommunication and lead into a conversation about what’s achievable for your hair colour, texture and condition.

“It all depends on how light they want to be, and then what their budget is,” Signore says.


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After cleaning the hair of artificial colour – which will be done two or three times depending on condition – Signore will then apply either an all-over colour or foils. Appointments start at Dhs1,000 and will last around four hours.

Maintenance will depend on how fast your hair grows, and how you feel about regrowth. If you’re after a super-precise, perfect look, she says you’ll need to rebook for three weeks.

Signore is a fan of Gomez’s new look, saying that it’s clearly been done by someone with a lot of expertise. One thing you might want to copy from this look if you’re concerned that blonde might be too harsh on you? Gomez’s dirty-blonde, grown-out roots. They add dimension to the colour and will also allow her a bit more time between appointments.

If you are thinking of going blonde, Signore is a safe bet. She won’t give you a colour that won’t suit you, and if you need to lose a bit of length to keep your hair looking healthy, she’ll let you know.

“Many times I do have to say no because it won’t suit her skin tone,” she says. “Nowadays we have great products that allow us to lift the hair six tones in one day, and clients are a bit more knowledgable so they do listen.”

There you have it. Realistic expectations, a solid conversation with your stylist, and a couple of reference pics. You’ll be blonde in no time.

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