Want to look picture perfect? Of course you do…

Your wedding photographs are one of the most important elements of your big day. Get the most out of your photographer with our top tips.

Find the perfect photographer (for you)

When it comes to choosing a photographer to capture your special day, one size doesn’t fit all. Wedding photographers have their own unique style, so before you start researching, have a think about what your ideal wedding photos will look like. There are three main styles of wedding photography: photojournalistic (mostly candid shots where you won’t be asked to pose – the photographer will fade into the background snapping natural pictures throughout the day), traditional (mostly staged photographs – the photographer acts as the director and tells you how and where to pose) and artistic (unconventional images taken at unique and creative angles – these will be posed but not in the traditional sense).

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Have a pre-wedding shoot

Have a trial run or an ‘engagement shoot’ in the lead up to your special day. It’s a great way not only to practice in front of the camera, but to also get comfortable with your photographer. Having a rehearsal will enable your photographer to work out how you photograph, and what works best for you and your partner. It will also give you a chance to iron out all of the fine details and to be honest about what you expect on the big day.


Make a must-have shot list 

The last thing you want to be worrying about on your wedding day is ensuring your photographer captures certain frames. To avoid disappointment, make a list of important guests, or particular combinations that you don’t want them to miss. Be realistic and allow the expert to do their job. A brief but clear pre-wedding email is enough. Don’t forget to mention any particular décor items or styling elements you want captured.

Think about the timing

Most professional photographers will agree that the most beautiful light is the hour or two before sunset. This is when you should schedule your most romantic shots to take advantage of the soft sunbeams that create magical images. If you plan to have your photographer with you while you are getting ready, ensure you pick a spot with plenty of natural light – your hair and make-up artist will also appreciate this.


Enjoy the day! 

Try not to get involved with directing the shots on the day (this is what a pre-wedding shoot is for). Allow your photographer to keep you on schedule, to frame the shots and to know what looks best – that’s why you hired them.

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Images: Emirates Bride