Salam Shaban, professional Dubai-based organizer and founder of Tidymess, discusses how you can reset your space for a successful 2023.

What inspired you to enter the organisational space?

I always loved organising, so it was something I was eager to learn more about. After seeing the amazing work of Marie Kondo I felt inspired to pursue it more seriously. Once I created a system that worked so well for myself and my family, I felt it was important to share it with others.

You launched Tidymess a few years back. What was the initial response to the concept?

At the time, it was a very new concept. I found myself having to explain it to most people I knew. Once people started to see my work they thought it was a great idea and encouraged me to pursue it.

How have things evolved since you launched?

I’ve been so lucky to have received such a phenomenal response from my clients and social media. This has really helped me grow my business. Every day people hire me and my team to help organize their spaces. We immerse ourselves in their homes and move through their spaces tailoring a highly-functional system. In the beginning, it was difficult to take on large projects, but as my team grew, we are now capable of really helping our clients organise as many spaces in their homes as they need.

Tidyness Founder

For those who are having a refresh for a new year, what are your top tips to start organising your space and life?

Before buying anything new, take a minute or two to think about where it is going to live in your home and life. Think about how long you will need this item and what will happen to it in the future when you no longer do it. If it is something that you feel will add no real value to your space, then you most probably don’t need it.

A particular place where clutter can build is your wardrobe. What is the best way to approach decluttering this space?

Ask yourselves questions such as: When was the last time you wore it?; Is it in good condition?; Does it have sentimental value?; Have you worn it in the past year?; Does it fit you properly? Your answers will help you decide whether you want to keep, donate or store away your item.

Over the years, what have been the hurdles you’ve experienced when building the Tidymess concept?

Starting any business from scratch is a challenge. In my case, I was starting a business from scratch about a new concept that few people had heard of. I would say bringing my vision to life was a great challenge because it took a while for people to realize the necessity of adopting a new lifestyle for their homes as opposed to seeing my work as simply “cleaning up” the house.

What have been the key milestones?

I would say my first milestone was when I was able to bring in a team to help me serve my clients better. Building a team gave me a sense of accomplishment that something I had started on my own was now growing into something more. My second milestone was after having my third child and realizing that I did not need to stop working. It took a lot of mental and emotional energy to see that it was okay for me to keep doing what I loved. Once I started taking on new projects again, I was so proud of myself and happy that I had not just let it go because of my new responsibilities and busy life.

What does the future hold for Tidymess?

Continue to grow and reach more people. Everyone can be a part of this concept. Whether they want to hire our services, buy our favourite products online or simply gain a few ideas from our social media page. I hope my team and I can help more people organize their spaces and love their homes.

What will you be doing to reset your mindset and body for 2023?

Keep finding that balance. As a mum of three and founder of a female-owned business, I find myself wearing many hats at once and that can quickly become overwhelming. I just need to keep finding that balance between my home life, work life and also those moments that are just for me.

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