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With the Dubai World Cup just around the corner (March 28), fashion stylist Kelly Lundberg reveals her top tips on choosing the right fascinator for you…

Pick your dress before you decide on your accessories

It’s important when are selecting your dress you pick something that not only makes you feel great when you slip into it but also fits you well too. Making the choice of fascinator first means you can often end up compromising on what you wear because you have had to make a selection based on what fascinator compliments the dress rather than what really suits you.

Think proportions

Petite ladies should consider a style that adds height rather than width. Taller ladies are more able to carry of a bigger creation.  It is also worth giving thought to your body shape. Ladies who are perhaps slightly larger in their dress size should avoid wearing anything too dainty, a bigger fascinator will flatter and balance out proportions tastefully.

Consider hair colour

If you’re blonde or fair haired avoid wearing anything too light as it might get lost. Red heads look fantastic in rich, deep earthy tones such as brown, beige and emerald green. Brunettes need a contrast and, in my book, look best in brighter shades – think jewel tones of pink, deep purple, sapphire blue and, of course, the classic neutrals.

Go for contacts

If you wear prescription eyewear, consider wearing contact lenses for the day as it will  give you greater versatility.  Alternatively go for a fascinator that has an upturned brim with an asymmetrical style. Over the years fascinators have become quite complex structures and can actually complement a person wearing glasses better than a hat. However, do bear in mind veiling doesn’t work well with glasses, whether sunnies or prescription.

Keep your hairstyle simple 

Here’s a little style secret: a fascinator will sit best on hair that has been washed the day before. Natural hair oils create more texture and a more effective hold.

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Judith Hobby Fascinator A

Judith Hobby Fascinator

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