Summer time is here which means sunglasses are the new ultimate style statement. A wardrobe staple, the right pair of sunnies can take you from drab to glam in a mere style second.

Getting the right pair of shades to suit your face is imperative, yet something that often gets overlooked. Specific shapes and styles enhance the features of each face shape, here’s what to look for according to your face shape. 



Recognised by:  broad forehead, wide cheek bone, and narrow chin and soft jaw line.

Best frames: rimless, cat-eye, and butterfly shapes.



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Square face glasses

Recognised by: wide cheek bones, angular jaw line, square forehead.

Best frames: round, oval, cat-eye shapes and aviator styles.

Square face glasses

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Diamond face glasses

Recognised by: broad forehead, wide cheek bone, and narrow chin and soft jaw line.

Best frames: oval, square, and rimless shapes.

Diamond face glasses

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round face glasses

Recognised by: soft, gentle and circular shape. The width and length are the same with little or no angles.

Best frames: angular frames with a rectangle or geometric shapes.

round face glasses

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oval face glasses

Recognised by: balanced proportions and gently curved jawline. The chin is generally narrower than the forehead and cheekbones are typically high.

Best frames: the most versatile of face shapes, most frame shapes work.

oval face glasses


All glasses are available at Rivoli Eyezone where staff are specifically trained to help with choosing the right frames for your face shape.