Preparation is key

Is your bathroom shelf bursting with unopened beauty products that don’t know how to use and B. you’re not use if they’re actually beneficial to your skincare routine?

In the current climate where less is more is not only championed, but expected, detoxing your routine could do wonders for your complexion, and the planet as we shop more sustainably. There are numerous ways to streamline your routine, and with hot summer on the horizon, team EW has already started prepping the essentials.

We’re not going to start telling you what to use as everyone’s complexion is different and each individual has their concerns. However, there are types of skincare products that could make a difference, all you have to do is pick right concentration for you – and always consult the experts. Here is what we’re using to get our skin summer ready.


summer skincare routine dubai middle east

Lightweight textures are your friends in the summer, so swap out the creamy and oil cleansers for something a little foamy. If you’re worried about stripping away the skin, then try a balm like Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse Cleansing Balm, available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai and Apotheca Beauty in Nakheel Mall.


summer skincare routine dubai middle east

Toners keep shiny summer skin at bay, leaving you with a clean, oil-free complexion. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic helps to further refine the appearance of pores. When applying, pay particular attention to oil-prone areas such as the T-zone for a healthy, matte appearance.


summer skincare routine dubai middle east

Sun protection should be at the core of a skincare routine for anyone living in a sunny country. To reduce the heaviness on your skin but still hydrate it, switch out your regular moisturiser for one that already has SPF in it. We love the light texture of Sisley Paris Sunleÿa G.E. Age Minimizing Global Sun Care SPF50 that doesn’t leave a sticky residue.


summer skincare routine dubai middle east

If you want to control hyperpigmentation, improve the appearance of fine lines, and increase collagen production, then adding a Vitamin C serum to you routine is a must. Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid that seals in the moisture, while Dior Capture Youth Glow booster age-delay illuminating serum smooths skin texture and restores radiance.

Exfoliate or not exfoliate

summer skincare routine dubai middle east

Most people don’t need to exfoliate more than twice a week, but if you are prone to oilier skin during the summer then it might be a good idea to start introducing a few more sessions. Try Resurfacing Glycolic Acid Pads from Malin + Goetz, available on, as they work to clear out the pores and remove excess oil.

Mask it

summer skincare routine dubai middle east

Nothing gives your skin a boost of goodness than a mask. Clay variety help soak up excess oils, try Ole Henriksen minty fresh Cold Plunge Pore Mask at Sephora, creamy masks add moisture – try Hydrating Floral Mask from Tata Harper, while sheet masks like 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment relief inflamed skin and boost radiance.

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