Kintsugi offers a wide range of services and workshops for the body, mind and soul and the brand’s founder Metanoia takes us through this innovative concept.

How do you start your day?

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and I use every minute wisely, beginning with my essential morning rituals. I’m passionate about the benefits of routines and forming habits to structure my day. First, expressing gratitude lays the foundation for a meaningful day and being thankful for the day to come ensures a higher vibration. After that, I like to sip some alkaline water, loaded with a high pH, to neutralise the acid levels in my body. I then practice some stretching exercises, letting go of any tension. This is followed by a self-face massage to improve my circulation and detoxify my skin. I use the power of aromas and plants to raise my vibration before my morning prayers and meditation. The Kintsugi body mist composed of rose and tuberose is my go-to. Then, to ensure my vibration is aligned with my goals visually, I dedicate some time to adding to my creative vision boards. My morning routine isn’t complete without a moment to savour a good cup of coffee as it sets the mood for a great day. I used to think that you wake up with an empty mind, but the concept of morning pages by Julia Cameron taught me the power of emptying my mind before the day begins, which is an excellent tool for success. After that, I am ready for my excitement levels to go through the roof as my body receives its daily dose of endorphins with the Tracy Anderson Method, which enables you to achieve the goals you have in mind for your body, but you have to sweat and feel the burn. Meaningfully created playlists power all this because, to me, music is a pathway to utter joy.


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The Kintsugi Space is seven years in the making. Can you tell us more about it?

Kintsugi began as a desire to share my experiences with my micro-community as I stumbled across education, wisdom, travel, experts, healing, mind mastery and spirituality. I was compelled to share it with more than myself. This was the beginning of many long days and nights using the power of visualization, a positive mindset, and many other tools I had embodied to build this brand piece by piece. I’ve discovered the significance of the number seven, be it Rudolf Steiner’s theory, the power of the number seven in numerology, or the importance of seven years cycle in the human body. The number seven seems to be orbiting me. I am excited about the next chapter; as we complete this cycle, we have already achieved so much greatness.

How does your role as a founder play into the Kintsugi universe?

There are many leadership styles. Although I use my left brain to structure my day for success, my essence as a founder is that I lead with the heart. This leadership style allows me to tap into the attributes of that I believe all women embody: kindness, compassion, passion, humility and dedication.

The Kintsugi Space brings together the elements of mind, body, and soul. What can we expect from the launch?

You can expect a space that honours community, conversations and deep healing. You can expect a space that will transcend far beyond the four walls in Abu Dhabi. You can expect a sacred space for women that helps fulfill their mental, physical, and spiritual potential. A physical space that showcases bespoke pieces of art evoking a feeling of community and combining energies. This includes an incredible artwork by Mark Evans, illustrating the transformational journey of the feminine sacred depicted in the form of a swan. All women need a safe space to just be, be themselves, be vulnerable and connect to their purpose. We provide that.

How do you main clarity in life and work practice?

I created a business that I am passionate about, and it challenges me and pushes me to grow. I am a super self-motivator which enables me to optimize and structure my day for success, rejuvenation, healing and balance. Fitness is my go-to feel-good. It activates energy not just in my body but also in my mind. I believe in the power of movement as a tool to create energy and balance in my life. I also know the value of sleep for rest and recovery. I use the power of prayer to connect to my higher self, finding answers and guidance for all areas of my life.

What sets Kintsugi apart from other wellness concepts in the Middle East?

Kintsugi is a new concept for the UAE; it doesn’t exist here. The brand culture, technologies and programming are what sets us apart. Those programmes are designed to take you through the human experience with its success and failures. Kintsugi is an entire universe that is built to support your breakthroughs. Kintsugi is a community, a mindset and a place to discover your greatness.

Kintsugi also has its own line of artisanal products, what does this entail, and can you describe a few benefits?

I am particularly fond of our line of teas which I was inspired to create as tea rituals are a big part of my daily routine. When I enjoy a cup of Kintsugi tea, I use the moment as a gateway to connecting with myself, practising mindfulness, and allowing the beautiful plant actives to work their magic. Inspired by numerology, each tea is influenced by the number it bears. From the bold energy of number one to peaceful number six and finishing with number seven, my personal favourite – the most spiritual number of all – is named Joy. The ingredients have been selected from around the world, and curated by me, then hand-blended in the heart of the English countryside.

Kintsugi space

Have you had any mentors along the way and if so, what knowledge did they impart?

My mentors have come in all shapes and sizes. From all corners of the world. I am grateful beyond measure for the many lessons life has taught me in the forms of challenges and highs. Their impact on me is multi-dimensional, just like us. Their words of wisdom continue to shape me. I’m still working through this question: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

How did your previous roles support you in being able to work on the launch of Kintsugi?

My journey has been the seed that began Kintsugi. As I became more curious and committed in life, the more knowledge I gained. Kintsugi was born as a natural progression of wanting to share my findings with other women. My career has not taken form through any one role or mentor but through the series of teachings that my decades on earth have given me. This has taught me patience, resilience and, most importantly, to lead by heart. I love more than anything when I see my growth journey mirrored in the Kintsugi women around me. I know these women will not keep these secrets to themselves but instead spread them like mycelium to the men, women, and children in their lives.

This is The Pioneer Issue – what does this mean to you?

The late Sheikh Zayed is a real visionary. As an Emirati woman, I am inspired by his legacy every day. To be a pioneer means to lead with the heart, and with that comes great responsibility. My mission through Kintsugi is to empower women to create a shift in their lives so they can be the torch for other women.

What does the future hold for Kintsugi?

Although I have an abundance of visions of how I would like Kintsugi to thrive, one of my greatest teachings has been to remain in the power of now.

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