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How this swimwear brand is inspired by Grecian architecture

Greek summer is about feeling relaxed, and the notion of less is more. This is the feeling Kióhne seeks to evoke by creating a flexible wardrobe of lightweight wearable products inspired by Grecian architecture.

As Greece is a perennial holiday favourite with its numerous coastlines, pocket-sized harbour towns, powder-soft beaches, buzzing cities, and ancient landscapes, this chic swimwear brand incorporated various elements from one of the most aesthetic countries in the globe.

Primarily produced in Greece in collaboration with local manufacturers, Kióhne is focused on sustainability combined with advanced materials that are lightweight, soft and comfortable in order to create a timeless contemporary wardrobe.

This resortwear brand come with a fresh and young approach featuring high quality products, that capture the extraordinary beauty of the Greek summer, and the formations of the country’s spectacular landscapes that captivates travellers.

Co-founders of resort wear brand Kióhne, Lydia Vousvouni and Amelia Theodoropoulou share their journey of creating a timeless Grecian-inspired label.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

LV: The first twenty minutes of my day I am rushing around trying to coordinate my 4-year-old daughter’s morning routine including breakfast and getting dressed. If successful at that I move on to my morning yoga to try and reset the tone for the rest of my day.

AT: The first half-hour of my day is truly invaluable because it’s dedicated to bonding with my six-month-old son. This quality time includes morning cuddles, tidying up, and making breakfast together. After that, I dress him for his morning walk and I gear up for my day at work.


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What inspired you to launch the swimwear brand Kióhne?

AT: Lydia and I share the same passion for summer, architecture, and design. From the very beginning we had the same vision, to create something new, something fresh that doesn’t exist on the market. That’s how we started Kióhne. Our profound desire to create but also to find a way to express and capture the beauty of Greece was what determined our course. This is expressed in timeless pieces of exceptional quality that highlight the woman and radiate dynamism. Our main goal was for all our products to be able to represent abroad the quality and cratsmanship of Greece while highlighting its exotic and modern side. A brand inspired by modern Greece.

The pieces are inspired by the architecture of Greece – tell us more.

LV: Throughout the designing process architecture plays a fundamental role for me. Greece is a country that is very rich in contrasting environments while Greek architecture has a unique identity and style. For instance, the Cycladic architecture that blends with the rough and dry nature of the Cyclades is an emotional stimulant for us that leads us to so many design ideas. Then cities like Athens combine a rough and disorganised architectural landscape, with some exquisite modern architectural gems amid some ancient temples and ruins showcasing the origins of architecture and design geometry.

“Nowadays protection against sunlight is crucial, so we ensured the fabrics used would protect our skin against UV exposure.”

How do you manage to keep local craftsmanship alive through your work?

AT: All our products are crafted in Greece by local artisans, and the entire production process is supported by local factories. In doing so, through our signature hand embroidery we highlight and expose high quality local cratsmanship.

The cutting-edge fabrics offer body shaping with 50+ UV Protection – how was this important during the creative process.

LV: As a designer I have always insisted on using high-quality materials to match a high-quality design and produce a high-quality product. The cutting-edge fabrics represent this approach highlighting the body figure with an elegant seamless touch. Nowadays protection against sunlight is crucial, so we ensured the fabrics used would protect our skin against UV exposure.

Can you talk us through your manufacturing process?

LV: Having selected the best quality materials, I work closely with our technical team to ensure the ideal fit in all body shapes and different styles. At the same time as I am very passionate about excellent seams and clean inner finishing of a garment, we work intensively on each piece to achieve the most appropriate manufacturing technique. Then we produce a prototype to move on to as many fittings and alterations as needed. When prototypes are finalised, we move to the production process which we overlook until we get everything ready before we do the quality control.

The pieces can be worn from can day to night and from beach to street – was this the plan from the outset?

AT: This concept has always been at the core of each style. Many of our swimwear designs are versatile enough to transition seamlessly from daytime to evening wear as tops. Our cover-ups are ideal attire for a day spent at the beach or pool, as well as for an evening outing.

How have you implemented sustainable practices throughout the brand.

Our primary focus lies in optimising the production process to minimize waste. We consistently prioritize excellent working conditions and ensure that our collaborators are passionate about their roles. We diligently evaluate all our suppliers, emphasizing their commitment to social and environmental responsibility and we continually seek out innovative sustainable materials, like the fabric used in the Tube bag, which is created from recycled waste retrieved from the sea.

Kihone founder

How has the brand adopted the concept of inclusitivioty?

AT: We aim to create timeless pieces that flatter the female body and we offer a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate almost all body types so that every woman can feel confident wearing Kióhne swimsuits.

The collection allows for a timeless contemporary wardrobe – how did you create capsule pieces?

AT: I have always focused on creating cutting-edge designs, while aspiring to maintain an underlying classic design language. The balance between the two is not always apparent. However, I believe Kióhne stands out by being placed at that fine line creating contemporary, yet capsule pieces.

This is ‘The Body Issue’ – what are your non-negotiable self and body care practices?

AT: In order to keep up with a hectic lifestyle as a mother, creative director and businesswoman I insist in certain simple yet effective self and body care practices. I do yoga nearly every day, which helps me keep my mind, body and soul healthy. I always walk to work which helps my blood circulation but also is the greatest.

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