Founder Arwa Alkadi of contemporary fashion label AMARAH on how the brand is an eclectic reflection of honouring its roots with a fresh perspective.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day, your morning routine look like?

I like to start my day with meditation as it helps me start the day with a clear mind. After this, I freshen up and start my day with coffee and relaxing music which helps me kickstart my work day. Talk us through your career. Art, fashion and sketching illustrations have always been a passion of mine as I believe they represent my personality. I started my career in the finance industry but soon followed my inner desire to design and launch my own brand. My background in finance provided me with the foundation to start a business while my creativity fuelled my desire to design styles that emanate a contemporary spirit.

What inspired you to launch AMARAH?

My passion and desire to create a wearable piece of art inspired me to launch AMARAH. The brand is my reflection of how a mix of contrasts can seamlessly bridge together elevated silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and refined details.

Amarah saudi label

The Sunset Aura collection captures your love for digital art. How did you effortlessly incorporate this?

I believe digital art encompasses a sense of aura that is unique to it, through its colours and patterns. Through the Sunset Aura collection, I want my designs to portray this. The colour palette and the subtle touches of embellishments depict this aesthetic.

The brand recently styled Elle Macpherson for the Red Sea Film Festival 2022 – tell us more.

It was a proud moment to have the beautiful Elle Macpherson wear a design from my Spring/Summer 23 collection at one of our country’s biggest events. Styled by Noaf AlNamlah, this opportunity was a great platform to show the immense talent in our region to the world.

Amarah saudi fashion

The label was handpicked to showcase at ‘Saudi 100 Brands’, an initiative by the Saudi Fashion Commission, could you elaborate.

Handpicked to be showcased at ‘Saudi 100 Brands’ and represent my country on an international and local platform such as this has truly been an honour. The programme has provided me with knowledge and exposure from experts in the industry on how to place my brand and tell its story, which has been inspiring. It has opened doors and gave me the opportunity to place my brand in the international market. Moreover, it has been a community where like-minded designers come together and support each other.

With six collections so far, what to date continues to be your main source of inspiration?

I am always inspired by art and nature. Each piece of art, each natural wonder is embedded with deep meaning and story which I like to incorporate into my designs from a different lens.

The SS23 collection references the ever-changing patterns and curves of the waves. How did you express the same?

The serenity of the sea is brought to life through timeless feminine designs. The shades of seashells, deep blue waters and the sunset reflecting on the waters are referenced through a colour palette of sea mist, aquamarine, blush and sand. This season, I worked with flowy fabrics such as silk which illustrates the fluid nature of the waves. I played around with scalloped edges and pearl embellishments that subtly embrace the inspiration.

How do you balance the creative and commercial side of the business?

Balancing the creative and commercial side has been a learning experience. I start my day by answering emails, checking up on production status and attending to anything that requires urgent attention. In the second half of the day, I let my creativity run free. During this time, I play with new styles, fabric samples, and statement elements. I have great help from my team that helps me stay on top of everything.

The brand focuses on innovative designs. Does travelling play a key role in influencing these styles?

Travel has always been a source of inspiration as it refreshes my ideas and creativity. Exploring different cultures, architecture and nature help me view concepts and ideas from a new perspective.

How have you managed to scale the brand growth since its inception?

With every collection, I learn something new. To grow consistently, I see each step and each challenge as a learning opportunity. Understanding my clientele and seeking advice helps me take my brand to the next level.

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This is The Innovative Issue – what makes the brand unique?

My brand embodies a sense of new-age romance. Each design is an eclectic reflection of how I honour my roots but portray them from a new perspective, making them unique.

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