How Barbara Borghini, founder of footwear brand GIABORGHINI that empowers women with every step they take.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I dedicate the first moments of the day to my family. I like to take my daughter to school before starting the work day. Then the day starts, where I then meet with my team to decide the details of the next collections, then I visit the ateliers, all of these in between a lot of Zoom calls.

What inspired you to launch GIABORGHINI?

The brand is named after my daughter, Ginevra. Women have always been my primary source of inspiration. Every woman has the ability to adapt, renew and be versatile in all circumstances of their life. I find the innate nature of women so intriguing because it varies so vastly. Through GIABORGHINI I will be able to give voice to many women including the ones who do limited collaborations with the label like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, that sign their limited edition to the precious hands that make them. Eighty percent of the GIABORGHINI workforce are women, making an engine that is at the same time the inspiration and the fulfillment of this desire.


Each style produced is unique in structure – can you talk us through your creative process?

The brand stands out for mixing artisanal origins and couture spirit with modern design. This combination is the true force that guides the design process favoring eye-catching elements, sporty details and statement heels. Innovation and creativity are key qualities of the ongoing process, but also essential step to ensure that GIA’s shoes keep all the daily comfort without losing the fun.

The label has collaborated with Pernille Teisbaek, Chiara Ferrangi and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, how did these partnerships originate?

As a pioneer in talent-brand collaborations, our brand was able to build long-lasting partnerships with some of the most trusted industry insiders, each bringing their fresh vision to the collection and garnering support from international press and talent. With Chiara, we started with a mono-product project. It was a flat sandal and then we decided to co-design something similar for the next season. Then with Pernille we truly share a common aesthetic, she wore and supported GIA from the beginning and then I discovered that our style was very much alike. So, I started a co-designed collection and then she became the Creative Collaborator for several seasons.

How has your background influenced your design?

I studied fashion and communication so that profoundly help me in the vision. Regarding the construction of the shoes, I learned it with my experience. I’ve also loved shoes (who doesn’t?). My passion for design and architecture has influenced the stylistic decisions of what are now considered the iconic styles of GIABORGHINI. I like to make my creations distinctive from one season to the next. However, we try to keep common details, such as the heel of Rosie’s styles. Super sexy but comfortable at the same time!

The brand has a strong community behind it, who have you noted wearing your pieces to date?

We saw many celebrities wearing our creations. From Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, Ashley Graham, and Anok Yai. Then of course, Rosie and Pernille.


High- quality construction is a key part of the brand DNA. How do you achieve this each time for every new style?

For the creation of our models, I rely on Italian artisans, who are impeccable in the workmanship of shoes and clothing. I often let myself be advised by their savoir-faire.

How do you balance both the creative and commercial side of the business?

Our products are popular because they meet the needs of different types of women. The demands and needs of women are determining factors in our company. Our shoes can be worn by the most minimal to the most outgoing person.


Barbara Borghini, Founder of GIABORGHINI

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