Since 2004, SACHAJUAN has established itself in the haircare industry by adopting a minimalist approach with efficient products.

From design to performance, each aspect of the brand is carefully considered by co-founder Sacha Mitic.

After starting his career as a hairdresser, Mitic wanted to create a brand that was reflective of his profession during his early days. When he later became a magazine stylist, he started to pay more attention to the importance of “movement, lightness and shine” of any hair.

As he came to understand the ever-evolving nature of hair more and more and spent years working with it, he wanted to develop a line of products that are both high-quality and improves hair texture without feeling artificial.

“There are three important cornerstones: performance, aesthetics and communication,” he tells Emirates Woman. “The products should control the hair without controlling you.”

To understand the inspiration behind the brand, Emirates Woman sat down with the co-founder to hear his haircare formulas and philosophies.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

My morning routine is nothing out of the ordinary. I always start the morning with a close shave and a shower using the SachaJuan Fresh Lavender Body Wash and Anti Pollution Shampoo. I go for a walk with my dog and then sit down with a coffee to check my emails before heading off to work.

SachaJuan co-founder

What inspired you to establish your brand, SachaJuan?

I wanted to create a reflection of my experience as a hairdresser in multiple aspects. I was determined to find a way to simplify the understanding and approach to hair care, whilst creating a line of products that are both high quality and aesthetically pleasing. For me, the most important factor is that my products are balanced and perform in a way that improves texture without feeling artificial.

How has the brand evolved and what is the core DNA?

There are three important cornerstones: performance, aesthetics, and communication. The products should control the hair without controlling you. It all started as a small range of products in Stockholm back in 2004. Since then, we have managed to establish a presence in 30 different markets, represented by the best retailers, professionals and online stores in the industry.

What have been the biggest challenges to date and how did you overcome them?

When starting a company or venture, the only thing you can be sure of is that you will have challenges along the way. At SACHAJUAN, we talk a lot about embracing challenges and looking at the problems as a positive learning curve, to find solutions, which ultimately help us to evolve as a brand and strengthen as a team.

How did your career experience as a magazine stylist influence your brand?

This part of my career had a huge impact on my approach to hair and the products I created. Manipulating hair for images gave me a great insight into the importance of movement, shine and lightness. I built my product range around this, creating formulas that would effortlessly achieve a healthy, voluminous texture.

Did you learn anything new about your own hair since starting the brand?

I came to accept a very important fact: our hair is constantly changing over the years. It’s about adapting to your hair quality and texture, and accepting that it will not be the same forever. But always remember that you can still create a beautiful look, no matter what condition your hair may be in, with the right products and understanding.

Your formulas contain ingredients such as algae and vegetable proteins, what is the impact of natural ingredients on hair?

The algae gives any hair a magnificent shine without weighing it down, while the vegetable protein creates texture and volume.

SachaJuan beauty

What are your go-to products to protect hair from the sun?

My go-to products for sun- protection are SASHAJAUN Hair in The Sun and Hair After The Sun. The Hair in The Sun product has special UV protection for the hair to prevent damage to the cuticles.

Travelling can disrupt our haircare routines. What’s your advice for maintaining healthy hair while away from home?

Buy some travel-size containers which you can fill with your favourite products, that way you can take them with you wherever you go and always keep your hair moisturised.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where would you like to escape to this summer?

I’m going to Sardinia, Italy. One of my favourite places.

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