Thanks to the new and improved super cameras on smart phones, seemingly everyone fancies themselves as a professional photographer.

You don’t need a DSLR to nab yourself a decent shot these days. Simply find the right frame, the right light and snap away with your camera.

OK, so some people are infinitely better than others at this and we’re denying to get a spot on image does require a certain level of skill.

As such the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards 2017 is calling all smartphone photographers to flaunt their talents and in the process potentially win some amazing goodies.

Until midnight on Wednesday 29 November, you can enter a photo under one of the following categories: Food, Nature, People, Places or Travel.

The best photos from each category will be selected by the Stuff team, with voting opening up to the public on Friday 1 December.

To help you stand a chance here are some top tips on how to take the perfect photo by Marwan Wareth, Founder of DLight Media Solutions:


This requires basic styling. The most important thing is to try and mix up the colours of your dish, and arrange the ingredients so that the colours complement each other.

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One of the most common ways to shoot would be an aerial view shot – you can crop the frame after. However, if your phone has good macro quality, try zooming in to snap stunning close up beauty shots of your dish.

To light your dish up, you should be next to a window to allow for sunlight. If you’re feeling really fancy, grab a menu (preferably white) to use as a reflector to bounce the light onto your dish and highlight the shadows.

Landscape shots

The best times to shoot outdoors are during sunrise, mid-afternoon and sunset. Make sure to keep your camera straight and try to follow the rule of thirds.

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The rule of thirds is a guideline in photo composure. Imagine a three-by-three grid. Lining up important compositional elements in the photo along the grid’s lines and intersectional points creates a lot more energy in the photo than if you were to just centre the subject.

Also, it’s preferable to be shooting nature horizontally and not vertically. However, it depends on how much you want to show the ground or the sky.

People Portraits

People are the best when lit by sunlight, so grab a friend, head outdoors and let them stand with their best side towards the sun.

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If you’re feeling fancy, grab a reflector to play with the light on your model. If you haven’t got a reflector, you can make one at home using foil, cardboard and sticky tape.

Travel photography

Travel photography is similar to nature photography. You want the light to be just right and the rule of thirds will play a huge part.

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Phone lenses in recent years have become wider and kitted out with better zooms, making it easier to snap stuff that’s a little far away.

You’ll find you’ll want to shoot horizontally most of the time if it’s a landscape shot, but if you’re trying to work in people, vertically works too.

For those crystal clear shots, though – a phone tripod will help to remove any shakiness and capture that perfect snap.

Images: Marwan Wareth


Overall grand prize, awarded to the individual for the best overall image

  • Honor 7X smartphone
  • Honor Sport Bluetooth earphones
  • Astell&Kern AK70 Digital Audio Player
  • Wicked Audio headphone and speaker package
  • Feathers luxury timepiece
  • Overnight stay for two at Villa Rotana, Dubai
  • Dining voucher for two at Jumeira Rotana, Dubai


Voters’ prize, elected at random from everyone who votes for any entry into the competition

  • Honor 7X smartphone
  • Honor Sport Bluetooth earphones



Head over to the Stuff Smartphone Photography Awards mini site to register and submit your photo.

Don’t forget to read the competition’s guidelines before you enter! It’d be awful to have your snap disqualified because you slipped up on a rule.

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Main image: Getty