Dr. Vicente Mera, Head of Internal Medicine and Anti-Ageing, Anti-Tobacco and Sleep Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic on the latest advances in wellness.

Talk us through your career to date.

I am a Spanish senior consultant physician and specialist in Internal Medicine, trained at the Clinica Puerta de Hierro (Madrid, Spain) after more than 30 years of clinical bedside practice in hospitals. Fifteen years ago, I obtained (London, UK and Melbourne, Australia) the registration (ABAARM) of A4A and became the head of the Anti-ageing Department at SHA Wellness Clinic. In recent years, I have dedicated my practice to preventing, diagnosing, and treating accelerated ageing on the clinical ground. My practical expertise includes genomics, microbiota, physical training, sleep medicine, cognitive disorders, immunotherapy, hormonal replacement, healthy nutrition, detoxifying procedures, stress management, and regenerative and revitalising medicine to give more life to years, rather than more years to life. I look at the Eastern methods for healthy ageing treatments, mainly related to nutrition and stress management, with great interest as a helpful counterpart. In October 2022, I received a European Medical Award in Medicine for the category of “Anti- ageing Medicine” in Paris. I am the author of several articles published in academic journals of medicine, as well as my latest book, “Joven A Cualquier Edad” (English version -Young At Any Age- coming soon)


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SHA Wellness Clinic provides the latest advances in Western medicine – was this key from the outset?

SHA Wellness Clinic exists today as the result of a transformative personal health experience under- gone by the destination’s founder, Alfredo Bataller Parietti. Bataller Parietti was unfortunate to receive a troubling diagnosis from a doctor, that was a threat to his quality of life. Alfredo was able to overcome the condition with integrative medicine, in particular with healthy and healing nutrition, natural therapies and lifestyle changes. Inspired by his experience, Bataller Parietti, along with the support of his family, set out to create a unique project that combined techniques and therapies from both medical and natural therapies to help people have longer and better-quality lives. This is the founding concept of SHA Wellness, which was founded in 2008 near Altea Bay in Spain. Since its opening, the property’s team of certified medical and wellness experts has successfully merged ancient philosophies with the latest advances in Western and Eastern medicine to generate scientifically proven results and become a world-leading authority on preventive health. Today, SHA Wellness Clinic is a global pioneer in preventive medicine and holistic wellness. The SHA 360o SHA method is the term given to the fusion of the latest advances in scientific medicine with the most effective and proven natural therapies, combined with healthy and balanced nutrition, that collectively provide an ideal state of health.

The clinic has the world’s first anti-ageing bed – tell us more.

To further enhance guest sleep experience, SHA has incorporated the HOGO sleep system which can be found exclusively at the Presidential and Royal suites. This is a new and improved mattress concept that instantly improves the quality of sleep, promotes mental balance, reduces stress and cell regeneration, and enhances overall daily functionality. This innovative invention also helps to reverse the signs of ageing and encourages the body’s natural ability to regenerate during sleep thus improving immune function and guaranteeing an overall healthier lifestyle. Aside from being an anti-ageing rest system, HOGO has been credited to improve athletes’ recovery time by acting as a potent anti-inflammatory while also reducing basal cortisol and improving the immune system. Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife Georgina Rodriguez have claimed to have felt the change this has had in their sleep since the beginning of using the system and they credit it as ‘the secret’ to effectively managing their busy lifestyles.

Dr Vincent at SHA Wellness

You focus on bioidentical hormone therapy and genomic counselling – how does this naturally cure ailments?

Genetic counselling lets you know your health’s weakest and most vital points. The best hormonal environment enables the prevention and, eventually, cure of ailments related to overeating, lack of exercise, poor stress management, detox capacity, sleep disturbances and microbiota dysbiosis.

The clinic offers a host of treatments including anti-smoking pro- grammes, nutrition therapies and more. Can you expand on these offerings?

SHA Wellness offers six programs including Optimal Weight, Advanced Detox, Intensive/Optimal Weight and Advanced Detox, Healthy Ageing, Rebalance and Leader’s Performance – cu- rated to address different health concerns, requirements and objectives. There are also four ‘focused’ divisions, addressing specific health issues including Gut Health, Sleep Recover, Stress Management and Anti-Tobacco. The anti-tobacco programme offers various treatments and therapies focused on addictions to help transition away from smoking in a healthy and controlled manner. With the goal to recover normal bodily functions without the challenging side effects of withdrawal and relapse, SHA’s team of professionals encourage healthier habits for guest lifestyles and to strengthen their commitment to permanently quitting tobacco. The programme begins with a general health checkup followed by individualized treatments including acupuncture, magneto therapy, aquatic therapy, relaxation and more. A personalised nutrition and health plan is then curated for every individual’s physical requirement and for a unique and fully holistic experience.

“This innovative invention also helps to reverse the signs of ageing and encourages the body’s natural ability to regenerate during sleep.”

The facility improves clients’ long-term sleep – talk us through this programme.

‘Sleep Recovery’ is one of the more focused divisions at SHA, combining Western diagnostic techniques and natural therapies to alleviate sleep problems and put the body in total rest mode. The recommended stay is seven or fourteen days and includes a general medical consultation with a specialist at the beginning and at the end of the course. In addition, guests will receive individual treatments and therapies best suited to them, including a polygraph for the diagnosis of sleep at night, neurocognitive assessment, stress management session, energy health assessment, infrared heat and electromagnetic balance session, mindfulness session, Tibetan healing bowls therapy, brain pho- photobiomodulation session, psychophysiological monitoring of sleep and more. The primary objective is to identify the integrative causes that generate sleep problems, via measurements using specialised technology of the natural rhythms of the human body. Once the origin of the pathology has been determined, specific treatments and therapies focused on the gradual restoration of the natural sleep cycle are then applied, in order to achieve restful sleep and recover adequate energy levels for a full and healthy life. Guests will also have full access to SHA’s world-class wellness facilities, receive a bespoke nutrition plan and enjoy delicious and healthy gastronomy from SHA’s talented culinary team.

Wellness concepts have grown in the Middle East over the years – how have you seen this evolve?

The wellness industry in the Middle East has demonstrated significant growth in recent years and this trend is set to continue. For many years, travellers within the region have regularly enjoyed massages and yoga retreats in traditional spa facilities, but when the pandemic hit, wellness took a new urgency and became a priority for many. This accelerated the demand for bespoke destinations that incorporated holistic and advanced wellness treatments with integra- tive solutions to promote long-term health for body, mind and soul. Over the years, we had many guests from the Middle East visit SHA Wellness in Spain, a strong reflection of the growing demand from this region for transformative wellness experiences. With this in mind, the UAE was the perfect location in which to expand our presence and deliver our unique approach to integrative health for new audiences.

SHA Wellness clinic

SHA Emirates is set to open in 2025 – what can we expect at this one-of-a-kind getaway?

After a decade of transforming the lives of thousands of people from around the world at our current location in Spain, we dreamt of crossing the seas to new continents. We wanted more and more people to benefit from our philosophy of integrative health and well-being. For years we travelled to dozens of locations in search of the perfect nature, warm weather, and accessibility to replicate SHA. It was not easy, but we finally found everything we could imagine and more at the seaside destination of AlJurf, in the United Arab Emirates. The luxury development is surrounded by wildlife and nestled in a beautiful serene landscape. It’s the perfect place for people looking to escape city life and recuperate”, said Alejandro Bataller Pineda, Vice President of SHA Wellness Clinic. The opening of SHA Emirates is set to bring world-class treatments to the region for the very first time. SHA Wellness Clinic has become a benchmark for luxury wellness. Always ahead of every innovation in the field, the brand has become a global name synonymous with medical advances and pioneering programs, certified through the almost 100 international awards received during its 11 years of existence.

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In a week, I try to work no more than 40 hours, rest not less than 40 hours and enjoy life during the remaining 88 hours.

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