The royal announces funding for women’s projects during village visit.

She’s long been a fierce supporter of the women of her region, whether it’s marking International Women’s Day with an inspirational message or helping artists challenge stereotypes about females of the Middle East.

And HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah is also lifting up women in her home nation on a grassroots level too.

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The Jordanian royal this week revealed she will financially help 100 local families to start income-generating projects.


Queen Rania made the announcement as she visited the village of Al Fayha’ in Madaba on Sunday, where she met with locals and secondary school students.

Her Majesty also dropped by the Madaba Women’s Charity Association, which was established in 2011 with “the aim of helping underprivileged families, orphans, women, and community members with disabilities”, according to the royal’s office.

The association provides grants for money-making projects run by local women, and currently supports 45 such families.

Queen Rania’s financial pledge, which she made in person, will now help 100 further women—including those already on the association’s waiting list—bring their projects to fruition.

The royal added that she “is always inspired” by women taking matters into their own hands in order to support their families, according to her office.

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Currently, several women of the village produce handicrafts, which they sell at the association’s bazaar.

Here’s wishing those about to get their own projects funded the best of luck.