We discuss innovation in the fine jewellery industry and what it takes to grow consistently without compromising on quality with the founder of Loquet London, Sheherazade Goldsmith.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

Beauty comes first with a cold face wash, followed by a quick massage with my rose quartz heart facial sculptor. Jewellery is second (always my Loquet). I keep mine in one of our Heidi Bishop for Loquet London jewellery bowls by my bed. A quick green tea with a news brief from the Atlantic on my iPad and then it’s a dash with five minutes to spare to my Pilates class, which luckily is around the corner from my house.

How did you know it was the right time to launch Loquet London and what was the catalyst to this?

I suppose it was the right time because it felt like the right time for me. It was a moment in my life when I had a window to try something new. I was on a writing sabbatical having just completed my master’s and published two books but felt a creative impulse to try something a bit different. I grew up around jewellery as my uncle is a jeweller and I wondered if it would be possible to reimagine the online fine jewellery market and create a shopping experience that allowed each of us to be our own designer. I knew I wanted to create a collection with meaning as the only constant piece of jewellery I always wore was a charm bracelet; the story it told and the memories it held always made me smile. But as a writer I found my charm bracelet would often get in the way of my typing, it was a noisy distraction, so I came up with the idea of keeping your charms close, by holding them together in a pendant. The Loquet online concept came from the sweet shops of my childhood when sweets were sold individually, and stored in huge glass jars that turned the shop into a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours and endless choices.


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What are the core pillars / DNA of Loquet London?

The core pillars are for our clients to be the designers of their own pieces in the same way that they are the design of their destiny. A Loquet is a celebration of independence and individualism. A story that is unfolding with time. Jewellery with a purpose to be worn every day whatever the occasion.


Loquet London was innovative within the fine jewellery industry by giving a wider breadth of client access to bespoke. Can you expand on this and how you decide on the charms available?

The charms are all a reference to my love of travel. Discovering new cultures is one of my greatest pleasures as I love delving into the history and stories that lie behind traditions. Each of our charms is an homage to those adventures and a reference to a deeply held ancient belief. We all have our own interpretation of their meaning, but they are attached to an emotion that makes us all part of the same human experience. We might all have different stories to tell but our emotions are the same. This is perhaps why I decided to create a bespoke service where the client can create their own charm. It’s my favourite part of our collection as it’s such a lovely opportunity to discover what matters to our clients and the process of bring- ing to life something that means the world to you is a lot of fun.

Can you keep adding to your piece?

The lockets are designed with our signature clasp that can be opened and closed so you can add charms as your life story evolves.

How has the offering been expended and are there key pieces which drive sales season after season?

We often introduce new charm collections, but the evolution has really been in our signature and heirloom locket collections. These pieces are handmade, using the very best materials, with a faceted sapphire crystal façade. Whether we are using diamonds or creating a distinctive shape the emphasis is on light, helping to illuminate the charms that are carried inside.

What innovation has changed the game in your life, career, or business and how so?

I suppose it’s my own personal innovation. I learned to find time for myself to create a work/life balance that allows me to find space in my head to be creative. Running your own company is often about the business aspect and if you throw a family into that mix, life fills up quite quickly. What fuels most businesses and good decisions is the creative thinking, so it’s important to be protective of that time.

What or who is innovative to you and why?

My children, as they are at an age where they are re-inventing themselves every day.

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