How I Got My Job: Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, LGR

Luca Genecchi Ruscone is the CEO and creative director for L.G.R, a prestigious Italian sunglasses and optical frames company favoured among the A-list. He has never been fired (“L.G.R is me, I am L.G.R”) he travels the world for his work and looks for the beauty within. Here’s how he got his job….

Luca’s CV

After graduating with a diploma in Economics, I went to Shanghai to work for an American organisation that was doing marketing and finance for large companies that wanted to enter and invest in China, like BMW, Rolex, Red Bull, Ferrari.

First Job 

It was buying Kikoys (classic Kenyan cotton wraps) in Kenya and re-selling them in Italy, during my summer vacations. I was 16 years old. I then expanded it by selling palm and other tropical seeds to florists in the US.

The job taught me that anything is possible if you apply yourself, and most importantly that it can be amazingly fun to work.

Job Role As LGR CEO

It entails checking that everything is running smoothly. That everyone is doing their job well and happily. Then I work on how I can make things better, before I involve everyone else for the same reason. Then I need time with my family, to give me energy and love. This mix of work and family gives me the inspiration to be different from other brands.

LGR not only has a unique past and heritage which I found by travelling to Africa in my grandfather’s footsteps, but it has a great potential for future growth because the brand is tied with my life, my personal life, my friends, experiences, my family, my tastes. Life is a journey. I will continue to express myself through my brand. And hopefully I will touch many people.


LGR fan Margherita Missoni

Job Perks

I am the boss. The disadvantage is the responsibility and stress that comes from it.

Holiday Allowance

I take as many holidays as I wish. But even when I’m on holiday I mostly think of my job, the business and how I can improve and grow.

Biggest Career Hurdle

When my first son was born I had to become two separate selves. On one side I was dealing with maintaining and growing a company, and on the other side I had to deal with maintaining and growing a family. Now we are expecting our third child and there is nothing I am afraid of.

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LGR fan Peter Dundas

Motivational Tip 

Everyday there are hurdles and learning. It’s a continuous uphill struggle, with no end and no top of the mountain.  This is what I consider as being eternally driven.

The constant search for beauty is within me and I look for it everywhere. This inspires me and allows me to translate it to my products. The love of my family and the education I received from my parents keeps me grounded in a very solid reality where the meaning of life is to stay simple and humble.

Biggest Career Challenge

To be different from the others.

Knowing You Made It

When people, companies start looking for you, for your products. Your sales increase, you feel the flow. You see the path and you just need to look forward and take it step by step. It’s a great feeling, to build your success, life and the life of others.

Kirsten-Dunst--How I Got My Job: Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, LGR

LGR fan Kristen Dunst

Most Interesting Thing About The Industry

Being able to express ones self by creating new products that can generate trends worldwide.

Best Career Advice Recieved

Work, and move forward, always forward. My grandfather said that.

Best Career Advice Given

Find yourself, find what you like to do. Imagine, dream and go do it. Anything is possible.


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