This week, we speak to Roja Jamil, founder of the wellness supplements brand Under The Skin. Under the Skin was born during 2018, with the purpose of skincare from within.

Welcome to the Emirates Woman weekly series ‘How I got my job as…’ where we speak to some incredible wellness, fashion and beauty entrepreneurs and businesswomen both based in the UAE and globally to find out about their career paths that led them to where they are now; what their daily routines look like; the advice they’d give to those starting out; and the hurdles they’ve had to overcome.

Having started with the much appreciated “Marine Collagen”, each product contains the best sources of ingredients. With clinical studies and years of research behind it to ensure that these wellness supplements provide maximum efficiency.

“ I saw a big gap in the market of clean products that works from within,” said Jamil before she launched her brand.

To delve into her journey as a wellness entrepreneur, Emirates Woman spoke to her to see how she launched her supplements brand.

What was your favorite subject at school?

School wasn’t much for me, although I always loved my law classes. I adore understanding one’s rights and leveraging them to avoid being taken advantage of.

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What was your first job?

My first job was distributing flyers for a tech company that provided free home services for technical issues. They offered a service, and only if you approved, they charged you. On the second day, management received numerous calls mentioning they received the flyer from a young girl—me. I ended up becoming the district manager at the age of 12.

What inspired you to launch Under The Skin?

After working for many years in the FMCG field, I always harbored a desire to create a clean eating product. While being in the beauty industry and running a clinic where various treatments were offered to boost collagen, I felt the need to provide clients with something from within. Unable to find a clean and solid marine collagen product, I refused to offer something I couldn’t stand behind. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands, and Under the Skin was born.

What are the key elements of your role?

The key elements of my role include people management, maintaining integrity throughout production despite facing challenges, and negotiating to ensure all parties are satisfied.

Talk us through your daily routine.

I have a rule—I don’t like to sleep with an alarm. I prefer listening to my body’s natural rhythms. Since implementing this rule, I’ve found myself waking up early without fail. Although each day varies, generally, I wake up at 7pm , have a glass of hot water with lemon by the window, reflect on three things I’m grateful for, then proceed with my day, which typically involves coffee, gym, shower, breakfast, work, home cooking, and ending the day with some manifestation of my desires.

What are some of the products you provide?

We offer various fish products from Norway, including marine collagen, omega 3, Vitamin D3&K2 with turmeric, magnesium complex with B12 and B6. Additionally, we have our “Skin Saver” line, which includes Shine Beta Carotene + HA for a deeper tan while keeping the skin hydrated, and BRIGHT Glutathione + Vitamin C and silica, which evens skin tone, addresses fine lines, and promotes overall skin health.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to follow in the same footsteps?

My advice would be to remember that everything good takes time. Be patient, persistent, and strategic in your approach.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best advice I ever received was to follow my gut. It’s cliché, but it has truly guided me well. Being intuitive and trusting your gut feeling can be your greatest asset.

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And what is the worst?

The worst advice I received was to “do like others do.” We all possess something unique, and comparing ourselves or our endeavors to others only stifles our potential. Embrace your uniqueness and pave your own path.

What has been the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

The biggest challenge for me was sticking to my vision and doing things my way, even when it was the harder route. There were many days where I felt defeated and exhausted, questioning if I could make it. Overcoming self-doubt and maintaining belief in my vision was the greatest challenge.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal is to establish the brand further across the GCC, we are already selling our line of products in BinSina pharmacies and Holland & Barret. From that achievement comes another dream, which has always been to open an orphanage. To establish it in the Middle East as a way of giving back to the community that has supported my brand so generously.

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