Launched in 2016, this Dubai-based label has created a fashion brand deep-rooted in luxury with its understated elegance.

With unique patterns and statement sleeves, women can feel empowered by embracing their true selves through these beautifully crafted pieces.

To understand more, Emirates Woman spoke to the label’s founder Ahlam Shahin on what inspired her to launch her brand.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

In the first 30 minutes of my day, I like to take a few deep breaths, have a glass of water and drink a good cup of coffee.

What inspired you to launch your namesake fashion label?

I launched my brand in 2016, inspired by a vision of bold, confident femininity. I have a never-ending admiration for exuding a signature aesthetic that embodies creativity and power. This has led to venues that regard a unique yet tailored design. I was born and raised in Dubai, I studied Civil Engineering but soon I recognised my eye for fashion and set out to create a brand that is rooted in defining understated elegance. I fell in love with choosing the right fabrics and co- lours which I pair with my skill for designing embroidery details. I aim to fuse an array of feminine yet timeless silhouettes.

Did you always know you were destined for the role you do now?

Although I do not have a traditional fashion background, I had, and still do a passion for fashion. It is such a fabulous and freeing passion that allows for never-ending novelty, exploration, and discover. Fashion has always been a part of me therefore, being a designer just came naturally to me. Like the mangroves’ motion and the sea waves’ shape, fashion is a breath of fresh air to me. I began to offer affordable luxury through fluid pieces that illustrate a sense of refined sophistication which began to be the ethos of the brand.

How do you source the fabric you use and ensure optimal quality?

With regards to distinguishing fabrics, I’ve recently been attracted to braided tassels and pleated details as I feel they illustrate the movement of marine life in a modern yet elegant way. Choosing material really comes down to what accurately paints the concept of my ideas, to be seen and admired in reality.

How does your heritage influence your brand’s overall aesthetic?

My heritage is seen in my brand’s overall aesthetic through being dedicated to the traditional kaftan and abayas, whilst experimenting with a bold colour palette alongside swaying tassels and pleated details that create a colourful environment.

Tell us about your boutique in Dubai and the concept behind it?

My boutique entails a bespoke experience for your perfect evening and bridal dress. The boutique’s concept also conveys an exclusive, unique selection of dresses to buy. I also have a Ready-To-Wear collection which has all of my previous and current collections.

Your brand allows women to freely express themselves. Was this the plan from the outset?

Yes, this has been my brand vision from the very beginning. What we wear is an expression of our personalities so women should feel free to express exactly who they are through their fashion choices. This was always the aim.

Do you enjoy the more commercial or creative side of the business?

I am a creative person, so I love the creative side most, but my background also gave me experience in the commercial side. So, although I enjoy both, my passion lies in the creative.

How has the fashion industry evolved in the UAE and in which direction do you think it’s heading in?

The Fashion Industry has taken a direction following bold hues, bright colour palettes, statement silhouettes alongside being chic and elegant. I think that the UAE is heading towards a direction that reflects innovation, and several more styles will be created and discovered, making history.

This is The Elevate Issue – what small things elevate your daily life?

Every small achievement elevates my day. Doing my tasks and organising my time management alongside completing the goals I set my mind to makes a difference in my days.

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