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With the rumour mill in Tinseltown hinting that Taylor Swift has insured her enviable long legs for a whopping US$40 million (something she denies), we decided to take a look at the celebrities who have put a price on their bodies… you will be shocked.

Taylor Swift’s priceless pins, Kim Kardashian’s pricey posterior, Madonna’s blockbuster bust… and you thought insurance was dull! Celebrity body parts have become big assets in more than just the Dolly Parton sense with more and more stars getting their most famous bits covered with millions of dollars. Superstar singer Taylor Swift is the latest rumoured to take out a contract on herself but it’s not her voice she’s making a point of looking after for future years.

Here we take a look, from top-to-toe, at the ultimate of Hollywood’s most expensive and very personal assets:


Hollywood is full of pretty faces and while no one has gone as far as paying through the nose to insure it all, many stars have got it covered when it comes to the little things that count.

At the height of her twerking fame mouthy MILEY CYRUS is said to have had her tongue insured for US$1 million. “Miley’s totally aware of how her tongue is getting more headlines than she is, and getting it insured is just part of her trademarked image,” a source close to the Wrecking Ball singer said at the time.

julia roberts pretty woman

Staying in the mouth area but this time with the rather more friendly image of JULIA ROBERTS’ smile. The Pretty Woman actress has her beautiful beam covered for a mouthwatering US$30 million although Julia doesn’t see the point. “I think I look like I have a hanger in my mouth,” she says of her trademark smile that has helped win her scores of roles, not to mention two husbands.

ALSO COVERED: Kiss rocker Gene Simmons: US$1 million tongue. Former Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera: US$10 million smile. Rock star Alex Van Halen: US$1 million eyebrows. Aussie cricket legend Merv Hughes: US$370,000 moustache.



Given her recent and dramatic topple off the stage at the Brit Awards, MADONNA would be wise to extend her most personal of policies to cover her rear. The queen of pop has the cleavage she still loves to show to the world at 56 covered withUS $2 million worth of insurance. The Material Girl, who may have wanted to protect her assets from those conical bras she used to wear, originally wanted to insure her bust for US$12 million.

It’s not always the biggest stars spending to protect their parts. Former Playboy bunny HOLLY MADISON isn’t quite up to Madonna’s standards but she still stands to get a cool US$1 million should anything happen to spoil her breast parts. “I’ve heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not?” says Holly. “If anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars so I thought I’d cover my assets. I think they’re getting the credit they deserve. They’re my primary money makers right now.”

ALSO COVERED: Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt: US$5 million breasts. County singer Dolly Parton: US$600,000 40DDs. Welsh crooner Tom Jones: US$7 million chest hair.



keith richards, rolling stones

New York singer and pianist ALICIA KEYS is said to have a US$1 million policy to cover her digits but Rolling Stones rocker KEITH RICHARDS has that beaten hands down. The 71-year-old guitarist has his middle finger insured for US$1.6 million. Keith uses his valuable finger to play those famous Stones riffs.



kim kardashian Paper mag

KIM KARDASHIAN is famous for her killer curves and none more so than those that make up that impressive rear of hers. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has shown just how important her behind is to her by showing it off in endless photo shoots so it’s no surprise she has someone covering her…well… you know! Sources claim it was Kim’s rap star husband Kanye West who insisted Kim’s bum deserved its own US$21 million insurance policy while he had his voice covered. “People have always been obsessed with Kim’s bottom. Kanye encouraged her to take out the policy to safeguard it in future,” an insider divulged. Kim, meanwhile, has played down talk of that her rear is boosted by implants while claiming to be stunned about all the attention on her behind. “It’s kind of weird that people are obsessed with it but I embrace it. It’s flattering,” says Kim.

ALSO COVERED: Jennifer Lopez: US$27 million rear. Aussie singer and actress Kylie Minogue: US$5.9 million bum.



While everyone was focusing on that stunning voice, TAYLOR SWIFT was slowly introducing her two other biggest (or longest) assets to the world – her legs. Nowadays, the Shake It Off singer seems to have her super-sexy pins on full show all of the time, and who can blame her? In fact the only thing covering Taylor’s legs is allegedly US$40 million worth of insurance. The 25-year-old superstar is reported to be finalising the policy in time for her 1989 World Tour which kicks off in May. It’s all a far cry from the days when Taylor used to hate her long-legged and gangly look. “When I have heels on I’m about 6ft 2ins. It’s a good view,” says Taylor. “I love being tall but I used to hate it when I was in junior high. I used to just hate that I was taller than everybody else and that everybody else was having a conversation down there and I was like, ‘Hey guys!’ I felt like a giant but now I kind of like being a giant.”

ALSO COVERED: Rihanna: US$1 million legs. Mariah Carey: US$1 billion! Soccer ace Cristiano Ronaldo: US$144 million legs. Supermodel Heidi Klum: US$1.2 million right leg and US$1 million on her left due to a small scar.



We all look down on them but feet to some stars are all important. That’s why Irish superstar MICHAEL FLATLEY has his talented tootsies covered to the tune of US$40 million. The Lord of the Dance star has made a career out of his speedy feet and so has made a point of making sure he’ll be financially secure should they ever fail him.

Words: Katie Ellis/Feats Press