Dubai Fashion Week, the cornerstone of the fashion scene in the region, is in full swing, and here’s how day 4 unfolded:

New Talents Shine Bright with Graduate Fashion Week International

The day kicked off with a runway show presented by Graduate Fashion Week International, generously supported by FAD. The Graduate Fashion Foundation, under the esteemed patronage of fashion icons like Dame Zandra Rhodes, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nick Knight, Victoria Beckham, and Nadja Swarovski, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to nurturing emerging talent as they make their debut in the fashion industry. The runway transformed into an artistic canvas where bold and ambitious designs transcended traditional fashion, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry. The collection featured a captivating mix of printed full-face covers, exaggerated ruffles, integrated denim, and bold colour spikes, showcased the diverse creativity of these budding designers.

BLSSD’s Audacious “Not 2.0” Collection

BLSSD continued to push the boundaries with their “Not 2.0” collection, a poetic and audacious exploration of design. This collection built on the foundation of their previous “Not” collection, challenges conventions by merging minimalism, glitz, and sporty aesthetics with sophistication. Transparent layering, innovative textile manipulations, and innovative fabric combinations took centre stage. The introduction of the color taupe added a touch of muted refinement, departing from the traditional monochromatic palette.

Zeena Zaki’s Elegance and Boldness

Her collection featured a vibrant array of colours, focusing on blend of body-hugging silhouettes with opulent sparkle. The use of mesh metallic outfits, sleek black gowns, and lace embellishments showcased her attention to detail. The collection’s colour palette ranged from muted sunshine yellow to deep green and lilac, exuding a sense of royalty with hypnotic fabric movements. To top it off, a wedding dress added a touch of grace and refinement to the collection.

Dima Ayad’s Metallic Melange

Dubai-based Lebanese designer Dima Ayad continued her fascination with metallic elements. The runway showcased double-breasted blazers, soft ruffled chemises, and a captivating interplay of polka dot prints. The collection’s colour palette included black, white, beige, gold, and hints of pink, all seamlessly blending simplicity with sophisticated sensuality.

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Images: Supplied