Call them the city’s hidden gems.

New arrivals in Dubai tend to notice reasonably quickly that Instagram is a big deal here. We’ve all experienced the sudden boost in likes that a well-placed #MyDubai can bring about.

Also a must? Location tags. And as travel site has revealed, there are a few spots in Dubai that get tagged again and again.

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Their top 10 looks about how you’d expect. The Dubai Mall takes out the top spot, followed by the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, JBR, Downtown Dubai, Global Village, The Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm, and Madinat Jumeirah.

Who among us hasn’t ‘grammed a couple of those? They’re heavy hitters for a reason, showing off the jaw-dropping architecture and flashy lifestyles our city is known for.

There’s more to Dubai than that, though. We thought we’d round up a few Instagrammable spots that didn’t make the cut, but still have some serious iPhone photography potential. Call them hidden gems.

Dubai Design District

For the style set (so, the whole city). Not only is D3 stunning in its own right, it tends to be home to some extremely inspiring outfit photos.

Extra points for posting during Sole DXB.

Sheikh Zayed Road

This shot, taken from the roof of the world’s tallest hotel (looking at you, Gevora), shows off Dubai’s arterial highway to great effect.

Funny how it looks so great when you’re not stuck in traffic…


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A must for when you want to show your followers there’s more to Dubai than shopping and fast cars.

Dubai Frame

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It’s a relatively new addition to the family-in-town tourist circuit, but we love the Dubai Frame for its photogenic nature whether you’re up top or viewing it from the ground.

Jumeirah Beach

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This one works double time. It’s a flex, for sure, as we all know a spot in one of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s waterfront cabanas isn’t exactly free.

Then, depending on the time of year, you’ve got the opportunity to brag about being at the beach in mid-winter. Too good.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

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Forgive us for cheating a little. Clearly, the Louvre Abu Dhabi isn’t in Dubai, but it’s only an hour away.

Plus, how could we ignore that architecture? The collections inside are incredible, but they won’t photograph as well as the palm-frond inspired dome that gives the museum its roof.

If you’ve been, you know how tempting it is to spend hours in the atrium pictured above.

Why not take a photo and make the moment last?

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