It’s as action-packed as you would expect.

From cave diving in Mexico and hiking in the Scottish Highlands to skiing in Aspen, the intrepid HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has had his share of adrenaline-fuelled experiences.

And while we’ve had front row seats to the Crown Prince of Dubai’s adventures by way of images and videos posted on his Instagram page and Insta stories, they were never longer than a minute.

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Sheikh Hamdan is at it again with more cave-diving footage

But thanks to the recent introduction of IGTV – Instagram’s newly introduced long-video format – we can now enjoy videos up to an hour in length on the social media platform. An hour of Faz, people!

This week Sheikh Hamdan posted his very first IGTV video, a seven-minute clip showing him spearfishing off the coast of Dubai.

It begins with footage of him and his companions racing away in a speedboat, stopping next to what appears to be an oil rig.

The royal and his friends are already kitted in their wetsuits and waste no time in jumping into the water, spearguns in hand.

Things get interesting thanks to a GoPro mounted on the prince’s head which allows you to see exactly what he was seeing below the surface.

Turns out, spearfishing isn’t as easy as you might think. The video shows Sheikh Hamdan take aim, fire and then resurface to get another speargun handed to him by his crew on the speedboat before diving down once again.

The determined group continue spearfishing until at last they successfully land some big catch. They climb back onto the speedboat and head back towards their yacht.

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The royal and his friends then head to the kitchen to cook their catch. The prince can be seen stirring the fish curry while his companion takes charge of another batch of fish and fries it on a pan.

Finally, they all sit down to a well-earned meal of fresh seafood.

You can watch the entire IGTV video here.

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Image: Instagram