Known for combining strong femininity with a modern edge, Pierre Hardy has worked his magic yet again with Hermès’ new collection, ‘Enchaînements Libres’, which is now on display within the Hermès Dubai Mall boutique.

The collection is an ode to the transformation of raw metal to an exquisite piece of jewellery that transcends the ordinary.

Chaîne d'ancre zoom - bague © Karim Sadli

Hardy is known for his ultra covetable collections season after season and the timeless pieces which are a part of this latest one emulate an aura of freedom which is reflected through every piece. From detail-oriented sculptural elements to suspended movements depicting the art of a sculptor and a dancer, the features have reinvented structured architectural forms.


“These pieces of jewellery are conceived as extensions of the body,” Hardy, the creative director of Hermès jewellery, says. “I always seek to understand how they will actually be articulated, how they will flex and move with the body.

“They reveal gestures, enhance postures. They are objects with a lot of personality, light and radiance.”

The breathtaking new pieces are a result of skilled craftsmanship as luxe materials that include rose, yellow and white gold take on a refreshed identity across 29 stunning original pieces. Each piece characterizes a bold character depicting movement in all forms, moulding ever curve to portray elegance in movement.

Adage Hermès is immaculately engineered, combining rose gold with white gold pavé-set depicting flexibility when worn.

Adage Hermes

Hermès Fusion represents an intelligent interlinkage adopting the movement of the body presenting a unique lightness to titanium as an innovation in the sphere of jewellery.

Hermes Fusion

With the chain at the core of the Hermès story, innovation is seen in a new light playing with boundaries, embracing all the elements of this timeless grammar of forms – as an optical illusion.

Immerse yourself in a visual journey as you visit the Enchaînements Libres Installation at the Hermès Dubai Store from October 28 to November 7.

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Images: Hermès, Photography by Karim Sadli