If you’re thinking to skip plans, this might be a good enough reason.

The ride-hailing company, Uber Technologies Inc. will now charge as much as 11 percent more for certain trips as informed to their customers recently.

The news regarding the second Uber hike was released post the announcement of petrol prices increasing in the UAE.

According to the revised price hike Popular Comfort cars are Dhs3.13 per km fromDhs2.9, Black cars are Dhs3.67 which was previously Dhs3.4 and XL vehicles are Dhs3.73 per km, jumping from Dhs3.46.

Nevertheless, Uber said, “The revised fare will help drives to continue to have sustainable earnings and continue to ensure riders can continue to travel the city comfortably.

Since January 2022, the UAE has seen a hike in fuel prices by 56 percent due to an increase in global crude oil prices, thereby leading to this major hike for UAE residents and tourists.

Per Emarat, an official announcement was made via their Twitter feed regarding the July 2022 fuel prices.

For the first time, UAE petrol prices have crossed the four dirham mark since the country’s fuel price deregulation in August 2015.

Despite the prices being relatively higher than they were previously, according to Global Petrol Prices, the current price is well below the average globally. Currently being $1.47 (Dhs5.40) in the UAE, petrol prices on average in the US cost $1.37 (Dhs5.03) and in the UK cost $2.32 (Dhs 8.52).

When it comes to oil production, Saudi Arabia continues to be the biggest OPEC producer, with UAE being the third followed by Kuwait.

To receive an estimate of your ride, you can simply visit uber.com and input your details.

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