Not a bad day in class for these future educators…

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah is a longtime supporter of the teaching profession – she’s even founded an academy in Jordan to help teachers excel. The Queen Rania Teacher Academy is now in its second intake, and its namesake dropped by on Wednesday to say hi.

We can imagine worse ways to spend our lunch breaks than chatting with one of the world’s most stylish (and inspiring) royals.

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Queen Rania met with students from the QRTA’s second Teacher Education Professional Diploma cohort, who had their first day on October 8. The program runs for nine months and offers further training for new teachers on the latest classroom techniques. We’d say it’s pretty important – after all, these folks will have a massive influence on Jordan’s future.

queen rania

With that in mind, it’s great to hear that the Academy’s first graduating class, or 179 students, is thoroughly outnumbered by the 500 starting their studies at present.

Her Highness clearly enjoyed her visit, sharing a number of images on social media.

“Their passion for education and their enthusiasm for learning will have a great impact on our students,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Today, I was pleased to meet the second class of teachers embarking on the Teacher Education Professional Diploma, which kicked off earlier this week.”

The teachers she met with had every reason to feel pretty great about themselves – entry to the program is competitive, with applicants needing a high-quality bachelor’s degree and to pass several selection stages.

It’s not the first time in recent days that Queen Rania has celebrated the role teachers play. Last week, she shared an image of an earlier school visit and wrote about her respect for the profession.

“Every day, teachers take their place at the front of the classroom to inspire our children and instill in them a love of learning,” she said. “I salute all teachers for their dedication and determination.”

We couldn’t agree more. Good luck to the QRTA’s incoming class – with that kind of support, we think they’re set for huge success.

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Images: Queen Rania/Facebook