We’ll take one of each.

Hands up who does half of their shopping through Instagram these days. We’re sure we’re not the only ones.

Sometimes it’s more of a vibe or a way of putting things together, but other times you see a cute top or a cool jacket and think  “I need to own that immediately.”

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It’s how we got onto Jeanne Damas’ brand Rouje, it’s where our obsession with Realisation Par began, and now, there’s something new.

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You’ve probably seen these t shirts and sweaters in your feed. With ‘Habibi’ printed on a plain white background, they’re cute, striking, and endlessly wearable.

After all, who wouldn’t want to greet the world with such an affectionate attitude? It’s an instant way to make your own day.

It turns out that a French brand called Das Mot is behind the tops, and they ship internationally. Fabulous news.

The tops come in unisex adults’ and kids’ sizing, and the classic red-print t shirt will set you back €60 (Dhs273).

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Considering our ongoing obsession with French makeup artist Violette (beauty director at Estee Lauder), we’re buying pretty much whatever she’s selling. Or in this case, wearing.

The rest of the brand’s feed is full of similarly cool and stylish people, so we’re thinking you’ll find a little inspiration there.

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They make other prints, too. Think ‘Womanist,’ ‘Immigrant,’ and ‘Belle de Jour.’

You can check them all out (and make up your mind) on the website over here.

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Images: Das Mot/Instagram