Because, ladies of the city, you really know how to dial it up when the occasion calls for it.

We’ve already covered the couture on the catwalk—but Fashion Forward was just as stylish off stage.

Season 10 of the region’s premier showcase for design talent wrapped up this weekend, and we estimate we’ve spent 27 hours scrolling through Instagram during the three-day event.

You need to see these highlights from Fashion Forward’s stylish weekend
Silk, cotton and gold: The history of Emirati fashion

From distressed denim to avant-garde prints, the region’s style mavens pulled out a variety of looks that are going to influence our wardrobes for months to come.

Here are the looks that impressed us the most…


An artfully pre-loved denim shirt rolled up and paired with the daintiest of sunnies can look a lot more after-dark-appropriate than you might realise.

#ffwd #ffwdxb

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When something is this bold, bright and full of pure joy, you can’t help but love it.


Rhea Jacobs shows how a billowing robe and splash of pearls can add a romantic edge to any ensemble.

Fall leaves us 🍂 Dress by @amiraharoonofficial 📸 – @daveevansphoto #Thisisd3 #FFWD #mydubai

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What wouldn’t we do to have this blossom-dusted shirt dress in our wardrobes? We’re struggling to think of anything…


Pink tulle will always create a Carrie Bradshaw moment, but the highlight for us here is the complementary blush-toned makeup.

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Here’s a masterclass in how just a few clashing accents can breathe new life into an all-black outfit (especially when sumptuous velvet comes into play).

A power shoulder + Dynasty-worthy earrings = a formula that will win us over every time.

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Proof of how pink, when used in the right hue, can look cool and contemporary rather than saccharine sweet.

Never added a belt to your outerwear? Here’s a reason to start.

Also adding to our coat crushes is this checked beauty, as worn by Sabrina from @dobuydiva.

Something about these somewhat muted colour palettes just feels so fresh. We adore the juxtaposition of silhouettes too.


This goes to show how statement jewellery can complete any look.

Fashionista fueled weekend! #ffwd #ffwddxb #ffwdseason10 #ss18 #d3 #dubaidesigndistrict

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Even if you’re terrified of breaking free from a wardrobe of blacks, blues and greys, we promise hot pink and red is a combination that needs to be tried at least once. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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Avant-garde co-ords teamed with Chucks hits the perfect balance of fashion forward (excuse the pun) and pared-back.

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