A bouquet of big, beautiful floral arrangements always brightens up a room. We love to place a vase of them where we can admire the flowers’, however, learning how to make these floral arrangements last longer is an art.

With same-day delivery across the UAE, Darcey Flowers is always growing with their bespoke collections ranging from peonies to chrysanthemums, the options to create your own bespoke floral arrangements are endless.

Founded by Albert Tranquilino, Darcey Flowers has grown over the years in Dubai with two brick and mortar stores in City Walk and Al Quoz, where customers can create their own custom arrangements with fresh flowers. Darcey Flowers meticulously select the perfect combination of flowers, considering factors like color palette, texture, and seasonality.

These tips on how to keep arrangements fresh longer will help extend the life of your cut flowers by at least a few days.

To understand how to make any gorgeous arrangement last longer, we spoke to Tranquilino himself to tell us how to help delay the dreaded dropping of petals and make your flowers last longer.

What inspired you to launch Darcey Flowers?

Darcey Flowers began as a childhood dream of mine. I’ve always loved flowers and wanted to share their beauty with others. I truly believe that flowers have the power to bring joy to people’s lives. It’s also an opportunity to support other florists and like-minded individuals by helping them find success doing what they love.

Where are the flowers sourced from?

Sourcing the finest blooms for Darcey Flowers is a top priority hence we carefully select our flowers from the most reputable farms across the globe. We procure our blooms from regions renowned for their exceptional floral quality including The Netherlands, Kenya, South America, Taiwan, Thailand and New Zealand.


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Could you talk us through what each colour and arrangement means for any specific occasion?

Each hue carries its unique significance. At Darcey Flowers, we love to play around with different colors to create bouquets that are full of emotion and personality. For instance, we use red to capture love and passion, which is perfect for those romantic moments. White represents purity and elegance, which makes it a great choice for weddings or remembering loved ones. Pink expresses sweetness and gratitude, ideal for occasions like Mother’s Day or birthdays. We also use yellow to bring joy and optimism to our bouquets, making them perfect for celebrations or sending cheerful messages. Purple is our go-to color for luxury and creativity, making it perfect for special occasions or to show admiration.

What are some of the aftercare hacks that people should practice for their arrangements?

A general tip for maintaining the freshness of your floral arrangements is to provide them with clean water and a suitable environment. To keep your flowers looking fresh, change the water every few days, trim the stems, and remove any leaves in the water. Now, when it comes to choosing a spot for your flowers, think cool and shaded. Keeping your flowers away from direct sunlight will help prevent wilting and fading, which can make them look less attractive. And if you really want to give your flowers an extra boost, consider adding some flower food to the water.

What are some of the most popular flowers in the Middle East?

Peonies, phalaenopsis orchids, and roses of all colors are among the most popular choices.

What are your favourite flowers personally?

Two of my personal favorites are peonies and vanda orchids. Oh! How I adore them! There’s just something about peonies and their romantic allure and voluminous blooms that captivates me. And vandas? Well, their striking colors and unique personalities always intrigue me. I think each flower is beautiful in its own way and never fails to inspire me.

How do Darcey Flowers implement sustainable practices?

We’ve made some great strides in embracing eco-conscious practices, including introducing eco-friendly bags for our beautiful bouquet arrangements. We’re also encouraging the use of plain water instead of floral foam whenever possible, so our flowers can stay fresh while being gentle on the environment. We believe that even small steps can make a big impact, and we’re committed to doing our part to create a more sustainable future. We will continue to explore eco-friendly practices throughout our operations.

You’ve also recently started a workshop for floral arrangements? What inspired you to launch this and how is it therapeutic?

Our main goal was to create a space where people could connect with their inner creative selves, let their creativity run wild, and discover the beauty of flowers in a meaningful way and the therapeutic benefits it bring. As the founder, I’m a firm believer in the ability of flowers to transform moods and promote overall well-being. Engaging in hands-on floral arranging can be a relaxing experience, promoting mindfulness and reducing stress. The workshop aims to empower participants to express themselves artistically, learn new skills, and find pure joy in creating something beautiful.


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Are there any new bouquets that have recently been gaining popularity?

Monochromatic solid flower bouquets are a growing trend in floral design. These minimalist arrangements showcase the natural beauty of each bloom, creating visually striking compositions that exude sophistication and elegance.

Which flowers can we preserve once dried and are there any tips on how to do so?

Several types of flowers can be successfully preserved once dried, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for an extended time. The most common are roses, lavender, and hydrangeas. To preserve flowers, trim stems and remove foliage. Tie upside down with twine and hang in a place with good air circulation away from direct sunlight. Wait for complete drying, which can take a few days to weeks. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and sunlight.

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