The first week of 2022 isn’t even over yet, and the first ‘It’ bag of the year has already made its mark.

Enter the new Dior Hobo Vibe bag. Emulating a sporty aura, this new classic half-moon crescent-shaped bag shape has gained admirable traction due to its streetwear-inspired focus.

Some of the most popular content creators in the Middle East have been seen styling the newly launched accessory which infuses the house’s heritage in the world of fashion.

Here’s just some of the best ways we’ve seen the new Dior Hobo Vibe Bag styled by GCC-based content creators.

Yara Alnamlah

By adding an eclectic yet bold edge to the bag the Saudi-based entrepreneur has carried the black Dior bag with a black sweater for an overall sophisticated look.

Dima Sheikhly


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A post shared by Dima Al Sheikhly (@dimasheikhly)

Known for her impeccable style, Dima Al Sheikhly has always shared her must-have wardrobe staples as she constantly adds a spin to them. For this look, she opted for a high-neck cream dress with minimal makeup and the white Dior bag to fit the aesthetic.

Basma Hamze

The Danish-Palestinian content creator is seen carrying the bag in a new light with her blue sweatshirt to add those street-style elements to it.



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A post shared by Aseel | أسيل 🇸🇦 (@aseel)

By complementing her monotone look, Aseel managed to effortlessly charm her audience in a natural manner that’s admired by all. With the white handle pop, the bag undeniably fits her entire outfit.

Zahra Lyla

This well-known entrepreneur is known for her modest aesthetic as she inspires a generation of fashion enthusiasts through her feed. Pairing the bag with her loosely fitted cropped sweater, gives us all the inspiration we need this winter.

Nadya Hasan


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A post shared by Nadya Hasan (@nadyaa)

By adding a more casual edge to the entire look, Nadya Hasan, the popular fashion and beauty content creator has paired the white Dior bag with denim jeans and a tank top, to show how it can be infused into your daily wear.

Yasmin Al Mulla

Placed on a minimal sofa, the Emirati fashion designer is known for creating contemporary abayas and we can already see this sophisticated bag being styled with one.

Nia Amroun


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A post shared by Nia | نيا (@niaamroun)

The Riyadh-based modest fashion creator is known for her simple yet effortless style. By showing her audience a refreshing way of carrying it, she has complemented her all-white look with the black Dior Hobo Vibe bag, giving it a formal feel.


Seen taking a casual stroll with her furry friend, Mthayel has adorned her chic ensemble with the bag of the season, showing her fans that it can be adapted in any manner they like.

Oumayma Boumeshouli

The Moroccan content creator often uses nature as her inspiration. Each image of her tells us an impactful story to remember through her urban chic sartorial choices. This luxe shoulder bag is styled with the black Dior bag giving us all those clean slate feels.

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