Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

Can you believe we are now on the cusp of the Spring Equinox and moving into Aries season on 21 March?

Meanwhile, the hardworking Full Moon is gracing our skies and on Friday, 18 March, will be shining a light on Virgo and what needs to be done. Your instincts are telling you to tie up any loose ends before starting the new astrological year. You will also be looking for the most practical outcome.

During this lunation, keen observation skills are being highlighted, however, it doesn’t need to be in the form of micromanagement. It’s the fastest way to send yourself crazy! It’s important to keep an eye on the bigger picture if you want to get ahead.

In order to finalise the first quarter at work, some of you are probably in the middle of an audit or analysing organisational charts, so that you know where the accountability lies. I see you pointing fingers. Make sure any bonuses’ or payments that need to be made are cross-checked – you will be looking for mistakes.

The Virgo Full Moon is notoriously very discriminating. You may be looking for health issues that (you think) need fixing, but watch you don’t become psychosomatic.

On a positive note, you will have a strong inclination to reach out and nurture others. Be generous with your time, others need you more than you realise.

Good karma awaits you if you extend yourself to those who appear anxious, depressed, physically abused or possibly preyed upon (the stars ask you to also pay attention to children). Offer comfort to the mentally and physically abused together with a promise that their problems will remain unspoken until they are ready to share them with the world. Those you help seek freedom from manipulation and control. Luckily you will be able to find the right online support and community resources to help them. A fresh start appears difficult, equally, they have nothing to fall back on at the moment so they will rely on your support. You will be playing an important role in guiding them toward a better life by breaking the cycle. Little will you know, the next generation are also beneficiaries of your kindness.

Virgo is also the sign of the perfectionist, she loves beautification, but the Moon is being too self-critical. Please don’t rush treatments or procedures. Ideally, try to wait closer to the future new moon in Aries on April 1. You will have a speedier recovery and fresher, longer-lasting results. It is likely you will be unhappy with your look if you rush things. Make sure you check your practitioner or clinician’s credentials too.

Oh dear, it looks like someone is insistent on their viewpoint. They will come across as dictatorial or very critical. For those in a committed relationship, the words petulant, picky and argumentative may resonate with you. Be careful what you fight about, your own hidden issues may come to the fore. To compound matters, Virgo Lunar energy is neither the most attractive or the warmest, nor the most loving. Draw instead from your fertile imagination or fantasies.

Singles, on the other hand, will be comforted knowing the Moon is trying to attract some new admirers! Keep an eye out around work or conferences, they will gravitate to your talent, ethics or intelligence. If you’re looking for love, it ultimately lacks the comfort you seek at the moment. The stars ask you to wait a couple of weeks to see how things develop – it may just be all work and no play.

With so many planets still transiting through the wise and spiritual signs of Aquarius and Pisces, Universal energies are working hard to change your behaviour, especially toward others. How can you get what you want? The stars say, lead with compassion and grace. You will have most of April to practice.

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Images: Instagram @yana.potter.art