Lebanon was plunged into darkness last week, as a grave crisis was marked in the country due to a grappling fuel shortage.

From residents being restricted access to basic amenities, the entire country has come to a halt with businesses, restaurants, hospitals and other public facilities having to pause operations completely for an indefinite period, causing uncertainty throughout.

With medicine shortages and power cuts adding to the seriousness of the situation, several international bodies have intervened to ensure they put in an effort to help Lebanon overcome a dark and uncertain time.


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Several content creators including the likes of Lana El Sahely, Karen Wazen, Nour Arida and Maya Ahmad have also spoken out regarding the situation by shedding light on how their audience’s contribution can make a difference to the country.

From NGO’s to various other organizations lending their support, here’s how you can also extend a helping hand and play your role in supporting the country.

Baytna Baytak


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Born to shelter displaced citizens of Beirut and support the nation’s medical heroes, this civil initiative was launched by a forward-thinking community to create a safe haven for its community. In the wake of the tragic Beirut blast in 2020, Baytna Baytak enlarged its mission to better serve the needs and rebuild the damaged houses of those displaced.

To donate or support visit baytnabaytak.com

Lebanese Red Cross

This humanitarian organization, which was founded in 1947, provides free of charge services to all the victims of any natural and man-made disasters. From blood transfusion services to access to facilities such as healthcare units and nursing institutes, the aim is to increase their capacities to respond to 100 per cent of calls for emergency medical aid.

To donate or support visit supportlrc.app

Lebanon Needs


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This nonprofit organization provides medications and health support for underprivileged patients, hospitals and primary clinics throughout the country. The organisation also recently joined hands with Baytna Baytak and Base Camp Beirut for a fundraiser in order to provide much-needed help on the ground of the most recent disaster which took place in Lebanon’s region of Akkar.

To donate or support visit lebanonneeds.org

Embrace Lebanon


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With mental health support much needed during this time, Embrace Lebanon is dedicated to raising awareness and providing direct community support within the country. This NGO works to raise awareness around the topic while working on several awareness campaigns and patient advocacy support in the country.

To donate or support visit fundahope.com



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Born to act against extreme poverty, Afaal is a platform for change as an initiative by the National Bloc to revamp the current political reality in the country and support those living on less than 8,500 LBP (Dhs21) per day. With the aim to assist Lebanese families, this project was created with the intention to provide financial assistance to those in need.

To donate or support visit afaal.me

With a year since the Beirut blast, that killed over 158 people and injured over 6,000, to which the nation is still recovering from till this day, we can surely play a part in helping the nation recover and come out stronger.

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