Talk about a power couple…

It’s only February, and already Gigi and Bella Hadid have strutted down the runway more times this year than we’ve been to the gym.

(No, our New Year’s resolutions are not going very well).

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The dynamic duo are rightfully in-demand models on their own—but we do love it when they star in a show together.


And, with Autumn/Winter 2018 shows in full swing, the pair have been a staple on runways in fashion capitals around the world, including New York and Milan.

So here, we’ve rounded up all their best co-catwalk appearances from 2018 so far.

And, with Paris Fashion Week still to go and the September shows coming up later in the year, this is a collection that will grow and grow…

Scroll through the gallery above to see the two in action.

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Images: Getty, Instagram, supplied, Yolanda Foster/Instagram