When it comes to compact pieces, Henry Jacques has undoubtedly mastered the art of sophisticated creations.

By bringing their new patented timepiece to life, Clic-Clac is designed to restore the art of applying solid perfume with a modern touch.

Designed with expert technical know-how, this exclusive addition to Maison’s family is a by-product of years of development. Created with capsules that can seamlessly be interchanged, the invisible engineering ensures clean design as a pinnacle of perfection.

Henry Jacques perfume

Using special olfactory accords, from floral to citrus, perfume is seen in ancient form with a contemporary touch.

By bridging the gap between rare and luxury, this sophisticated composition releases an air of nonchalance that clearly distinguishes it from the rest.

Henry Jacques perfume Clic Clac

As a memorable piece to pass down through generations, this precious case was born to infuse an irresistible aura into ones’ life. By adopting a rare alchemy of fragrances, this vision of craft has combined innovation with refined intimacy.

Anne-Lise Cremona, CEO of Henry Jacques said, “Our obsession was to create a fascinating object, resolutely masculine in its shape, material and mechanism but hiding an intimate, more emotional side: the perfume.”

Henry Jacques perfume

All in all, this unique object was created to infuse charm into everyone’s daily life.

These exclusive pieces are priced at €30,000 (Dhs124,345) in titanium, €36,000(Dhs149,214) in Carbon and €122,400 (Dhs507,328) in rose gold with new materials and jewellery versions coming soon. Each piece is adjustable with interchangeable capsules for utmost flexibility.

For more information or to make a purchase visit parfumshenryjacques.com

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