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Enough is enough ladies, it’s time to ditch the bad stuff and only eat the good. We’ve spoken to the experts to find the ideal and clean replacements for those oh-so naughty cravings…

None of us are perfect, we’ve all had those days that when given the choice between a packet of salt & vinegar crisps or an apple we opt for the former. Why? It satisfies our cravings. However, it isn’t actually the crisps that satisfy us, it’s what they contain.

Confused? Don’t be. When we think our body is craving certain types of food what it’s really craving is particular nutrients. While we can’t stop our body from wanting what it wants we can control what we eat.

Nutritionist and lifestyle expert Liz Tucker explains that cravings are come from our brain and not our belly:  “There are two reasons why people have food cravings. They need a shot of energy or they are miserable. As far as energy is concerned, people crave high calorie foods, high in carbohydrate, fat and sugar because it gives them a fast burst of energy. Even though it would be much better for them to have a foodstuff with a better nutritional value without empty calories.”

Here renowned nutritionist Caroline Bienert, reveals the healthy alternatives to those not so healthy hankerings:  


The Craving: Crisps or Salty Food

Swap With: Vegetables Seasoned with Spices 

Caroline: “You’re craving these because you have too much sugar in your body, so it’s your body’s way of trying to balance that out, by putting something salty in there. Instead eat some nutritious vegetables flavoured with some spices. Or just try to cut down on the sugar your consuming as this help alleviate the salty cravings.”


The Craving: Sweets, Chocolate, Cakes & Biscuits

Swap With: Nuts & Fruits

Caroline: “The reason you’re craving these foods could be down a number of lifestyle problems: lack of sleep, stress, or skipping meals. Hitting the sweets will only add to the sugar cravings and stop you from having a good night’s sleep due to the spiked insulin levels. If you still need a little something, grab a banana or some nuts.”


The Craving: Fried Foods

Swap With: Spicy Food

Caroline: “Fried food is not natural in any way so if you’re craving them that means your body is actually used to having them, which is an extremely bad habit that should be stopped.  If you never ate them, there would never be cravings for them. Simple!

Instead of reaching for the fried foods try a different flavour all together whether it’s spices, salt in moderation or something a little sweet as this will slowly stop this craving. Your body needs balance!”


The Craving: Fizzy Drinks

Swap With: Fruit Infused Water

Caroline: “Fizzy drinks contain carbonic acid and these are toxins for your body. The cravings are often triggered when you have missed a meal as your body is seeking energy through the sugar they contain. While fizzy drinks give you short burst of energy, it won’t last. A healthy swap would be to have fresh lemon and mint.”



Image: Emirates Woman March 2012