Travelling? Have no access to the gym? There’s no excuse not to maintain your fitness regime when on the move. Celebrity personal trainer Dan Roberts reveals two heart-pumping circuits that utilise only your bodyweight, allowing you to complete them anywhere… 


This circuit targets the deep muscles that help support and strengthen your body from the inside first. Complete the following back to back, then repeat five times.

1) Side Plank— lying on your side supported by your arm). Do 30 seconds each side.

2) Superwoman – go into press-up position then lift one arm and opposing leg up in the air without falling, then swap sides. One minute per side.

3) V Sit – sit with straight legs in air as high as they can go without your bum lifting from the floor and hold for as long as you can. Do three sets; try to hold for one minute.

4) Super Slow Sit Up – do a sit-up, but spend 10 seconds getting up and 10 seconds going down. Make the movement as slow and as smooth as you can. Do three reps. Have feet locked under a bed if it helps.


I give this circuit to my fashion model clients to firm up key areas. Each exercise should be done for one minute. Repeat the circuit four times with no rest.

1) Second Position Ballet Plies – stand with feet wide, legs and feet pointing outwards and squat up/down.

2) One-Legged Romanian Deadlift – stand up, lift one leg off the floor and tilt forward from the hips while keeping your back straight. Return to standing position and repeat.

3) Squat Thrusts – go into press-up position and jump feet forward so they are under your body and jump them back out.

4) Decline Press-Ups – put your feet up on the bed and hands on the floor; try to push yourself up and down.


  • TRX (suspension system) – I highly recommend this for all my clients while travelling. It’s great for core and total body toning.
  • Dyno Bands, which are used for upper-body strength training.
  • The Grid Roller, which allows you to be your own massage therapist.

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