Many of us have the good intentions to get in shape, waking early and heading to the gym for one of our copious classes or regimens. However, for many, we eventually reach a fitness plateau that feels impossible to break. Jenn Zerling, fitness expert and author of Breaking The Chains Of Obesity, 107 Tools, says there is a solution in the form of a health journal…

Logging your food intake and exercising allows you to see common threads of repetition, which causes the body to become stagnant in weight loss. “The body needs to be shocked,” says Zerling. “Therefore, switching up healthy foods and exercise programmes will end stagnancy.”

According to research, most of us gain weight after summer and leading up to January. Zerling suggests: “Get into the same game of New Year, New You all year-round by logging food intake and activity points.”

Zerling says her other common plateau-breakers include constant hydration, a healthy ratio of simple and complex carbs and breaking up 9am to 5pm days with minute burst of 10-minute fitness. Breaking The Chains Of Obesity, 107 Tools is available on amazon.com.

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