With summer holiday season here, the pressure is on to hone a bikini-worthy body, but sometimes healthy eating and exercising isn’t enough, which is when a well-timed juice detox can help shift those extra pounds. 

The Essentially cleanse programmes are gentle on the digestive system and there are three different levels of cleansing to choose from: Revitalisation (beginners), Extension (advanced) and Transformation (pro).

During the programmes you replace solid meals with six bottles of 100 per cent fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices which are pressed rather than juiced, ensuring you get the full quotient of vitamins and nutrients.

The cleanse gently rids your body of impurities, restores alkaline balance and normalises digestion and metabolism leaving you feeling energised and your skin glowing.

The programmes are available for one, three or five days, prices start from Dhs299.

Order online with deliveries made direct to your door here