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With special thanks to Al Faya Retreat, Al Batayeh, Sharjah.

Emirates Woman cover star Yasmine Sima discusses self-love and following your heart.

Last year was a challenge in many ways and travel was less possible. How did this affect you both positively and negatively?

Last year definitely stopped everyone in their tracks. For me personally, staying healthy became a priority. Of course, the sudden change of pace and the uncertainty made me very uncomfortable at first, but I slowly began to take advantage of this time alone, and used it to better myself. One of the biggest decisions for me was deciding to go to law school and this time and break in schedule definitely helped me prepare myself for it in the best way.

How does living in LA affect your aesthetic and what do you love about living there?

What I love most about LA is that it is easy-going and accepting of everything. I have definitely kept my London aesthetic in terms of style though. The one thing about LA that feels different than any other city, for me at least, is the peace of mind and clarity it gives you.

Tell us about pursuing Human Rights Law?

I have been wanting to pursue human rights law since I was little. During my years in London, I did a lot of work with different organizations such as Refugee Crisis Foundation’s Yemen Container Appeal, in sending aid to refugees. I also spent most weekends at The Soup Kitchen for almost three years. I think these definitely made me realize that this is what I wanted to be doing.

After I left London and started living in LA, everything came together and I started preparing for it. I am very excited to start law school in the fall.

When working on current projects – what do you look for in a collaboration?

I have always tried to focus on working with brands that I align with aesthetically. I was fortunate to be able to work with brands and designers I love such as Saint Laurent and Valentino.

I also tend to look for projects where I am able to use the platform to speak about organizations and causes that I believe in. Sometimes I hit the jackpot and get to work on projects that offer both.

Do you have any mentors in life or business who help you navigate the right path?

Definitely. I very randomly met a performance/mental coach, named Rob Brinded, around 3 years ago in London who absolutely changed my life. It was fate! He helped me realize my full potential and taught me how to maximize my abilities and use them towards achieving my goals. I wouldn’t be where I am without him today, and he is absolutely a huge influence in my life. I have sessions with him whenever I need clarity on a situation and I absolutely feel surer of myself after each call.  

Which Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?

I love @aoi and @digitalf33ls

What advice would you give to your younger self, starting out?

Everyone finds their path and achieves what they were meant to achieve in their own time. I used to stress so much about wanting accomplish so much at a very young age, but everything has its own timing. In learning that, everything you’re meant to achieve will present itself to you. I realized that trying to rush to achieve just for the sake of doing it usually means you’re not doing it for the right reasons!

A correct mindset is everything.

This issue is ‘The Love Issue’ – what is love to you?

This is a great question. This year has definitely been the year of self-love for me. It has been a difficult year because of the pandemic, but being able to focus on myself like never before has been amazing and I’ve never felt better.

February’s – ‘The Love Issue’ – Download Now

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