With the rise in technology, busy working schedules, hectic personal lives and more, sleeping difficulties seems to be a widespread issue for many.

One revolutionary product on the market, which was launched over a decade ago, targets sleeping issues with natural remedies.

This Works, a clean, targeted skincare and wellness solutions brand,  launched its Deep Sleep range back in 2011 and since then it’s become a global sensation, particularly its hero product the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. With a few puffs on any pillow before sleeping, this aroma-fuelled scent puts the mind at ease for an uninterrupted sleeping routine.

“We’ve sold over nine million pillow sprays thanks to ongoing scientific research and continuous product innovation – so it’s fair to say it really works,” CEO of This Works, Dr. Anna Persaud tells Emirates Woman.

The entire brand is backed by science, using natural ingredients and research-driven formulas to produce effective results.

To see how it all began, Emirates Woman spoke to Dr. Persaud about what it takes to drive award-winning, chemical-free results in the skincare and beauty industry.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I’m very disciplined when it comes to following my daily routine. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is avoid any phones or screens in the house and use the morning expert wake-up drops to hone my alertness and focus. I then use the skin-deep dry leg oil everywhere, it’s extremely nourishing and is my beauty secret to transforming my dry, dull legs. To beat the morning stress, I exercise three to five times a week to help me burn any excess cortisol.

This Works Deep Pillow Spray

The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is amazing – tell us more.

Our collection of pillow sprays all contains a clinically proven sleep super blend to help you fall asleep faster. The award-winning deep sleep pillow spray calms both the mind and body to target various sleep issues using an aromatherapeutic fragrance with 100 per cent natural essential oils including French lavender, wild camomile and vetivert. Our independent consumer studies found that after using the product, 97 per cent reported less broken sleep and 89 per cent said they fell asleep more quickly than usual. As a result of using deep sleep pillow spray, 98 per cent felt more relaxed in the morning and 97 per cent felt less tired the day after using. We’ve sold over nine million pillow sprays thanks to ongoing scientific research and continuous product innovation – so it’s fair to say it really works.

What on-board This Works travel essential do you recommend for a flight?

When travelling, I’m never without ‘In Transit Camera Close Up’ which is great to combat circulating plane air to soothe and brighten the skin. I pair this with a spritz of ‘Stress Check Mood Manager’ before I get on the plane which helps me stay relaxed and comfortable as the fragrance includes ylang ylang, neroli and patchouli, to reduce feelings of stress and restore a sense of calm to an agitated mind. I fly mainly for business, so I always keep ‘Stress Check Breathe In’ on hand and roll onto my pulse points including wrists and neck. This helps reduce any tension and stress ahead of a busy period of meetings.

The brand focuses on optimising mornings and winding down in the evening, can you tell us how much research goes into launching each new product?

We’re rigorous in our focus on ensuring our products are backed by science, going through multiple trials during the R&D stage of development which is a standard across all launches. Our fragrance blends are developed using independent neuro-imaging studies looking at the impact of essential oils on the brain so that we can be sure they do what we say they do. In 2019 we saw the first of these studies published in peer review journal Chemosensory Perception. Over and above our sleep solutions, our fMRI brain imaging research has inspired innovative launches to help manage stress (Stress Check) improve alertness (Morning Expert) and encourage intimacy (Love Sleep). Our main vision is to continue being a brand that solves problems that our customers face which means we’re always looking ahead, for example, we were one of the first beauty brands to focus on the importance of sleep and its link to skin health and wellbeing and we continue to develop advanced products in this category to help people sleep better.

How do you approach scaling without compromising on quality?

One of my first priorities, when I joined This Works in 2009, was to look at how we could develop high-tech skincare that strives to be 98 per cent natural and performs at the same level as our bath and body products while keeping to our natural ethos but delivering on its promise. My scientific background means I am focused on backing our product claims with the user and clinical trials so that with any product launched we have confidence ‘This Works’. Even as an established mass wellness brand, our products including our pillow sprays are put through multiple trials with over 900 users and also why we now develop functional fragrances to meet specific needs using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure which areas of the brain are activated by the fragrance, such as focus or relaxation. Today the world of natural skincare has come on a long way, but our brand principles and ethos have remained the same.

CEO of This Works

Sustainability has become a key focus in the beauty industry. How has this been incorporated in the brand’s DNA?

Our ambition and current focus at This Works is to reduce and ultimately remove the negative impacts through sourcing and packaging. We aim to increase our positive impact through our ongoing work with local social initiatives, instilling a sustainable mindset throughout the decision-making process of all aspects of the business. Our formulas are blended without unnecessary synthetic chemicals to create plant-based, targeted skincare that delivers results with integrity. We strive for our products to be 98 per cent natural and all are free from phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colour and fragrance, parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum and propylene glycol.

Do you see bulk orders for your products from individual clients the globe over?

Yes, our bestselling product is ‘Deep Sleep Pillow Spray’ and we are very thankful to our dedicated customers who continue to repurchase as they, like me, can’t live without it. We’ve sold over nine million to date which we are very proud of.

This Works

Which product consistently drives sales month on month and have any products been particularly popular in the Middle East?

Our Deep Sleep range sells very well in the Middle East, particularly deep sleep pillow spray, deep sleep shower gel and deep sleep bath soak.

You partner with e-commerce platforms – how important was this to reach a wider audience and what do you look for from the brands you partner with?

We look to partner with brands that care about our customers and care about our brand as much as we do. Our website thisworks.com also continues to be a major revenue driver for the brand and is continuously updated with new and relevant content related to the brand, our values and our adventures.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where would you like to escape to this summer?

My summer escape has always been Ibiza, I spend every summer there with my family and friends.

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