Once again Harvey Nichols Dubai prove they are a leader in the retail world, setting the style stakes high by transforming their shop windows into a mini art gallery, by showcasing four works from the winners of the 2013 Young Artist Awards.

The four artistic displays, which were commissioned in honour of Ramadan, showcase the unique works from the talented winners Nada, Abu Shakra, Bahar Al Bahar, Sarah Alagroobi and Tayma Bittard of the 2013 Young Artist Awards.

The initiative founded by Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Women Establishment, the Young Artist Award was first launched in 2006 as an annual visual art competition, which aims to encourage, recognise and promote emerging artists from the UAE. Each of the inspiring visionary works of art represent and reflect upon the Holy Month of Ramadan and Arabic culture.

Presented in one of the four windows is Protruding Purity by creative artist Nada Abu Shakra. The artwork is based on water and how Nada sees it as a sign of purity. Speaking about her work, Nada said “The inspiration behind my window display design is dripping water drops and the ripples they create in a water pond as they fall. The projecting units resemble the after effect of the dripping drop due to the water’s inter-molecular forces of attraction.”


Another window showcases the work of talented artist Bahar Al Bahar aptly named the Perception Series #4. Bahar’s visionary work is based on the reflection of the month of Ramadan and it’s time perception. “The celebration of Ramadan spans an entire month, making it stand out among other occasions that usually occur for a shorter span of time. The notion of a month interval was used to construct a geometric formal system, which abstracts the periodical event while replacing its time perception into a visual and a physical representation of what a month could look like ­– had it been a physical object.”


The Polindrome Typological Installitaion is the work of Emirati designer and art enthusiast Sarah Alagroobi. Sarah said her artwork is “inspired by an Arabic palindrome, typographic elements undulate across the wall surface.  Emerging from and receding within a plane of physical materiality, the wall signifies existence without beginning nor end, infinite.”


The window featuring the white broken down modest figure created by multimedia and visual communicator Tayma Bittard certainly makes an interesting display. The statue-like figured installation named Eman is a representation of time and the deconstruction of the material of the body.

Head to Harvey Nichols Dubai at Mall Of The Emirates now to see the masterpieces.