Emirates Woman speaks to Harklinikken’s regional Director, Nina Pedersen to discuss the newly launched VIP membership and why consistency is everything.

What do your first 30 mins of the day look like, your morning routine?

I always start my morning with a cup of coffee and 10 minutes of peace, before everyone else in the house gets up. It is important for me to start the day slowly before it gets busy. Waking up peacefully elevates my entire day. I wake up my girls and get them off to school, and then I get ready for the day. I always wash my hair with Harklinikken’s Stabilizing Shampoo before styling it lightly with my Dyson blow dryer and our Hair Hydrating Cream and Styling Spray, which are super light, so perfect for the heat and humidity when you are out and about in Dubai.

Harklinikken has launched a VIP Membership. Tell us more about what this entails and how it supports consistency?

Our VIP Membership gives them a personalized regime that is designed to make hair gain easier, more effective and more enjoyable than ever before. Our clients decided there was a space in the market and we decided how it should be filled – with a personal touch and a premium finish. Healthy hair needs three things: quality, routine and care. So scientifically based, clean products, a daily routine and personalization. Caring for your scalp and hair means finding out what your unique needs are and working with them. It’s a big commitment, but they showed us they were ready to make it – and the rest is Harklinikken.

Is the membership global and how does it work if you are a frequent traveller?

Yes, membership is global, and we’re happy to see our clients for online consultations whenever it suits them. Our most popular products also come in travel sizes, so wherever our client goes, they can take Harklinikken with them.

How do you approach providing a bespoke experience for the VIP members?

Through our personal consultations. This is where we personalize the product regimen and create the customized Hair Gain Extract to meet the client’s specific needs. VIP Members get unlimited consultations, which means we’re able to consistently monitor, adjust and optimise their regimen to ensure their hair is always getting what it needs. Endlessly healthy hair days. This truly personal relationship, and attention to detail, is unique to Harklinikken and is what empowers our clients to discover their greatest potential in hair growth.

What transformations do you typically see and over which amount of time?

The transformations are incredible. The hair is thicker, stronger and denser. The scalp is balanced and thriving – and both have a vitality that a lot of clients say they’ve never had before. As for timing, we see immediate improvements in hair quality when clients use our shampoos and conditioners. Hair gain results take around two to four months of complying with their regimen and using the Hair Gain Extract [KH1] as directed. But the real transformation is in their confidence and the way they feel and talk about themselves. It’s a real joy to experience.

How important is consistency when using the programme?

Consistency is everything. The success of the treatment is dependent on their compliance at home. So, if you stick to the recommended product regimen, including the daily application of the Hair Gain Extract, you will experience the best results. It is a big commitment, but we support our clients in every way we can.

How do you scale while maintaining quality over everything?

This is the most important factor at Harklinikken. Quality, customization, and a personal approach are most important for us. So, we always make sure to scale when we can maintain and guarantee the same level of service and quality in everything we do.

How do you elevate the lives of those around you?

I love to make people smile and laugh and I try to remember this even when the day gets challenging. It is important to be able to see the positivity, even when we face difficult situations and to remember that most problems we face during the day will pass.

This is The Elevate Issue – what small things elevate your everyday life?

I am elevated by the people I am surrounded by in my everyday life. Seeing all our amazing clients visiting our clinic daily and being able to help them gain back their hair and confidence makes my day special. Spending time with family and good friends always elevates my days.

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