Are you hitting the gym and watching what you eat yet still not seeing results? EW’s Arezou puts one of the UAE’s best to the test…

TEAM MEMBER: Arezou Erjacki

TRAINER: Dylan Eiffe specialises in fat loss and fitness training. He is a Master Trainer at Bare, a new health club coming to Dubai this year.

THE GOAL: I’m happy with my current weight but want better definition and shape to my arms and back before my summer wedding and I want to take my fitness to the next level.

REGIME: I was already running three times a week, which I enjoyed but I was not seeing any progression in my fitness. Dylan decided to ‘shock’ my body with constant and varied functional training aimed at improving my shape, whilst improving metabolism – allowing me to eat and drink without feeling guilty.

Dylan also studied what I was eating. I was advised to increase my protein intake, which, when combined with my training, would increase in my metabolism, stabilise blood sugar levels and curb cravings.


Jumping in head first, week one saw me complete five days of vigorous exercise. My two sessions with Dylan entailed nonstop athletic movements, working every muscle in my body. The workout included burpees, kettle bell swings, walking lunges, squats and sprinting intervals. On the three other days I did interval training and two full body circuits similar to that devised by Dylan in my sessions. It’s so much harder to stay focused and push yourself when someone isn’t shouting at you.


A similar structure to week one, but the exercises become more complex demanding better technique. I’m introduced to Olympic lifts, which burn more calories than any other exercise, whilst improving metabolism, posture and core strength – it was an introduction I wasn’t too keen on. They’re seriously hard.


Too enthusiastic on week two, I pushed myself too hard and strained my chest muscle, so resting my upper body, Dylan focused on leg exercises with leg thrusts and squats which he assured me would help further in my bid to get lean.


I could definitely feel an improvement in my fitness and technical knowledge. The workouts feel easier and I pushed forward even faster.


Total centimetres lost: 1cm

Body fat percentage: Down 0.3%

BMI: Up 0.1

THE DETAILS: As well as being a master trainer at Bare, Dylan is available for personal training, (050) 1050254. Prices start from Dhs250 for one-on-one training and Dhs150pp for couples.


• Set the rower to level 10 and challenge yourself to do the following non-stop:
• 1,000m row
• 50 kettlebell swings (12kg ladies, 16/20kg men)
• 25 sit ups
• 750m row
• 40 kettlebell swings
• 20 sit ups
• 500m row
• 30 kettlebell swings
• 15 sit ups

Watch this space as we share more PT Challenges, as seen in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Emirates Bride.