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Turn of your screens and treat your ears to inspiring stories from some of the most fascinating women in the world.

Net-A-Porter has unveiled a string of episodes via it’s weekly PORTER Podcast series, and it is exactly what we need to boost our mood in self-isolation.

Titled ‘Pieces of Me: My Life in Seven Garments’, it features a lineup of high-profile women from all walks of life, including Somali-American model Halima Aden and Iraqi-born women’s-rights activist Zainab Salbi.

The seven-part series is lead by Editor in Chief Sarah Bailey as she discusses the clothing her guests wore at defining moments of their lives.


Aden talks to Bailey about becoming a world-famous, hijab-wearing supermodel and the incredible sartorial moments that will stay with her forever – from the burkini that launched her career to the UNICEF T-shirt that represents her childhood. 

“Those six letters (UNICEF) symbolise my life,” the model explained. “As a kid, I couldn’t spell my name but I knew what each of those letters meant – and I knew what they represented for my family and my community. I hope one day we get to a place where we don’t need organisations like UNICEF, because every child will have exactly what they deserve.”

Meanwhile Iraqi-born women’s-rights activist Zainab Salbi opens up about the poignant sartorial occasions that will stay with her forever – from the traditional wedding dress she had to wear for her arranged marriage to the surprising outfits she chose to wear while working with women in war zones. 

Other episodes include conversations with Tracee Ellis Ross, Sam Taylor-Johnson , Sinéad Burke, Arianne Phillips, and Roksanda Ilinčić.

Just like like with fragrance or music, fashion can transport you to a memory or a significant moment in your life. Our clothing shapes who we are and helps others identify with us, so next time you step into your wardrobe, why not take a trip down memory lane.

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