If you’ve always wanted to emulate the royal’s glossy locks but have never known where to start, we’re here to help. 

Forget The Rachel – we’re all about The Rania.

The Jordanian royal’s sleek and shiny waves have dominated our Pinterest boards for years, but we’ve never quite managed to nail her signature style at home.

Whether we’ve been off with the hue, or ended up with tight ringlets instead of Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan’s relaxed curls, the seemingly effortless style has cost us a lot of sweat and tears in recreation.

So we decided to save ourselves the stress and ask some of Dubai’s stylists for their top tips.

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The colour

The naturally brunette royal, who has debuted a lighter look in recent months, seems to have opted for ombre, says Mohammed from The Nail Pavilion.

If you want a similar colour, ask for golden or caramel highlights (rather than just straight-up blonde or platinum), said the stylist – and balayage rather than traditional foils should help you get that naturally sun-kissed, not stripy, effect.

Angel Montague-Sayers, brand ambassador of EIDEAL, agrees, saying the “beauty of Queen Rania’s new hair colour is that it is soft and subtle while framing the face with lighter hues at the same time”.

Her top tip? “When going to a salon it’s always important to be clear so taking a photo is essential to making sure you and your stylist are on the same page. Also ask for highlights that contour the face and extend the cheekbones and jaw line.” 

The cut

Cascading past her shoulders, Queen Rania’s locks are long but never lank. The key? A masterful trim.

To get similar body and movement, ask your hairdresser for select layers, says Montague-Sayers.

“Although Queen Rania’s hair has lots of shape, the cut isn’t layered all the way through which keeps weight on the ends. This means it still looks full and healthy as too many layers can remove too much weight.”

“Ask for layers around the front to frame your face,” adds Mohammed.

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The style

The royal most frequently wears her hair loose and tousled, or pinned back in a gentle half-up, half-down ‘do. And whichever option you plump for, a good session with a curling tong is a must to create her beachy waves.

“You need to blow-dry and then use a big curling tong,” says Mohammed (our tip is to dry with a large paddle brush to ensure smoothness before you curl).

When it comes to the tong, Montague-Sayers recommends Eideal’s Curl Guru wand (Dhs750) as “it doubles from a hair wand to a heated brush too”.

Curl Guru wand

“The shape of the barrel means that it is impossible to get a curl that is too tight.” 

Curl larger sections at a time from the eyeline down (not the very roots), and make sure to run your fingers through at the end to stop the waves looking too ‘done’.

To add volume and body, Mohammed recommends using Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, while the Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray will keep the curl in for hours.

The upkeep

One of the things about Queen Rania’s hair that gives us the greenest of eyes is how it looks so glossy and sleek, whereas the UAE’s heat and water quality has left ours brittle, dull and and dry.

While regular cuts  – every six to eight weeks – will keep your ends healthy, you can give your hair some TLC at home between appointments to keep the condition tip-top.

Mohammed advises using weekly moisture treatments, such as a deep-conditioning mask, especially if you have coloured hair, and recommends Oribe, Redken and L’Oréal products for the job. (We’ve personally had great success with Redken’s Diamond Oil Intensive Treatment Mask).

Montague-Sayers agrees that regular reconditioning treatments are essential with the water conditions here – her favourite is the Detoxifying Mud by Davines.

DeKnot brush

“Also ensure that you are using a gentle detangling brush when leaving the shower,” she says. “I swear by the DeKnot brush (Dhs100) as it glides through knotted hair in seconds without breakage.”

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Image: Queen Rania/Instagram