With three successful collections already under her belt, Dina El Jisr is definitely a talent to watch in 2013.

The Lebanese designer exclusively shares behind-the-scenes snaps of her design journey, from concept to completion with Emirates Woman.

2This is who I am….

3My work represents my identity, moods and how I visualise life.

4Everybody needs an idol, mine is Stephane Rolland the French fashion designer.

6Making a dress is all about colour, line, shape, texture and movement…

7Welcome to my atelier, this is where all the magic happens!

8My mornings usually consists of checking mails, plenty of tea and researching for new insipration.

9More research…

There’s nothing more inspiring than the work of an architect being recreated into the world of fashion…

10Draw your ideas!

11Next, make your mood board.

Who ever created the concept of moodboards is a genius! Don’t you just love them?

12I’m then ready to start work on my beautiful stockman, bringing my creations closer to life.

15The fun part really begins when I finish my designs and start selecting fabrics for each dress.

16I love this part, patronage time, without this the dresses would not be as detailed and perfect.

18Time to start sewing!

20My collection is finally complete, but nonetheless, there’s still a lot more to do.

21Fashion is not a one man show it’s all about teamwork.

22There’s nothing more entertaining than standing behind the scenes of the photoshoot and seeing all your effort and creativity come to life.

24The prints from my lookbook. This is the moment when I want to jump for joy knowing that this is it!

25The trade show finally begins. So excited to start talking about my collection to buyers and clients.

26The best part of being a fashion designer ? You get to wear your  own deisgns and feel proud to say ‘this was all me’.